Words of Wisdom Funny One Liners

 words of wisdom funny one liners

Are you looking for words of wisdom? Check out these words of wisdom funny one liners to give yourself a boost.

Knowing is only part of knowing.

Only those who know do not visit the network to find something they already have.

Useless wisdom differs from nonsense only in that it gives much more work.

The wisdom of this world is the mother and root of all evil.

Sometimes wisdom leads to happiness, other times it deprives us of it.

The wisest is the one who would never recognize that he is.

Having knowledge does not necessarily mean being wise.

Sometimes the wisest is uneducated, for avoiding dilemmas and being simple.

He who knows, and he who does know.

There is nothing wrong with playing dumb, if in fact what you are doing is smart.

The wise man is not the one who knows where the treasure is, but the one who works and takes it out.

Whoever thinks does not do bad, but does good, because only their knowledge tries to increase.

If you know more than others, do not presume it, do not be selfish …

Wisdom is a gift that only the most discreet receive, it is not good to boast of what everyone would like to have.

No one has wisdom if they do not know why they have it.

The one who reads the most is not the wisest, but the one who understands the most what he reads.

The wise man does not say what he knows, the fool does not know what he says.

Wisdom is the result of striving to know.

Never break the silence if it is not for improve it.

You have to listen to what you have to hear.

Whoever reads is instructed and whoever is instructed is wiser.

I was never wrong, I was only wrong once, and that was when I thought I could ever be wrong.

Knowledge comes, wisdom stays.

Every day we know more and understand less.

I just know that I don’t know anything.

Knowing to foresee, in order to be able.

Wise words shut mouths.

The wise simply see what is before them. Nothing else. The rest of us did not. In fact, the wise say simple things.

Wise is not that man who knows everything and teaches, wise is that man who learns and pays attention.

Fighting to live or living to fight.

Wisdom is said to be the effort to know, I don’t know … I try to know and I don’t consider myself wise, just an apprentice.

We are all very ignorant. What happens is that not all of us ignore the same things.

The important thing is not to know, but to have the phone number of the person who knows.

Wisdom pursues me, but I am faster.

Better to know than to be stoned.

Sometimes it is better not to know so much, that if you have to know.

Nature never says one thing and wisdom another.

Wisdom is the daughter of the experience.

The doors of wisdom are never shut.

Wisdom comes from listening, speaking, repentance.

Knowledge should never be confused with wisdom. The first is used to earn a living, wisdom helps us to live.

Many could have reached wisdom if they had not already believed themselves wise enough.

Fear begins all wisdom, and whoever is not afraid cannot know.

Crocodiles shed tears when they devour their victims. Here is his wisdom.

The supreme wisdom is to have dreamed big enough not to lose sight of you while pursuing them.

The truest sign of wisdom is constant serenity.

To be wise you need your own philosophy.

He who speaks does not know, he who does not speak knows.

Nothing is Absolute, Everything is Relative.

The immortality of each being lies in its very essence.

He who knows knows, and he who does not learn.

The more I know, the greater I see my ignorance.

Wisdom haunts me but I am faster.

If you don’t understand one thing and ask questions you will be stupid for a moment, but if you don’t ask you will be stupid throughout your life.

I don’t live because I want to, but I want to live.

Love wisdom and desire knowledge.

Curiosity is a virtue.

The single man is wise, the married man is.

Only the wise discuss the others impose their ideas.

Asking a lot of questions may seem stupid, but the one who doesn’t ask any will be forever.

I will go when I have to go and will come back when I have to come back.

Who knows … can.

He who knows is not wise but he who does not know and wants to learn.

I only know, I don’t know anything

For the wise man, intelligence is just a tool that perfectly dominates.

The ignorant says, the wise doubts and reflects.

Wise is the one who constantly marvels.

No wise man ever wanted to be young.

Know and demonstrate is worth twice.

One thing is to know and another one to know how to teach.

Every man by nature wants to know.

Man is born ignorant, society complements him.

It is wise to equip b.

To win you have to know how to lose.

Wisdom is useless if it is not practiced.

Wisdom begins where knowledge ends.

It is not the one that you have failed me but the one that no longer believes in you that has made me shudder.

Wise is not the one who dedicates his life to learning but the one who dedicates it to teaching.

He who knows the most knows that what he knows is less than what he does not know, and just as his intelligence makes him known, his sincerity makes him confess.

But he who knows what he does not know.

To be ignorant, there is nothing like knowing a lot.

The clever would like the wisdom of the ignorant, to know nothing.

Intelligence and wisdom together are the deadliest weapon ever created.

To have questions, it is best to know a lot.

The wisest is always the one who thinks he is the most ignorant.

The wise person is the one who never asks questions whose answer he does not want to know.

Not to know more, you are happier.

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