Wise Quotes About Life

wise quotes about life

So that you can express what you feel with beautiful words, we bring you a selection of wise quotes about life. When someone asks what life is, there are answers to all colors. But most are presented as irrevocable statements, there is no turning the page, it is so.

Each person sees and lives it in a completely different way because each person’s circumstances are completely different from those of others. There are many colloquial phrases or expressions that include this word. Here are some examples:

Wise quotes about life:

”We are all amateurs because life is too short to become professional. –C. Chaplin

“The trick is to live in such a way that it happens to you.–M. Glasses

“A life without dreams is like a garden without flowers. – author unknown

“Live so that you can wish for life to return forever. -Nietzsche

“Sometimes life challenges you to something you wouldn’t choose yet. – author unknown

“Life is just like sailing. You can also move forward with headwind. – author unknown

“The hardest struggle in life is the struggle not to become bitter.  –L. Bean

“Life is like a forest, you can never go straight. –O. Popov

“Life consists of 10% of things that happen and 90% of how you respond to them.
– author unknown

“It is madness that people see life as it is and not as it should be.
–G. Simenon

“If you love life, you can’t keep it at bay. –C. Wagner

“Life is like a forest, you can never go straight.  –O. Popov

“If you are fully committed to the highest purpose in your life, all the forces of the universe are with you. –M. Patel

“Life is like singing a song you haven’t rehearsed. –J. Whedon

“The art of living is being at home as if you were traveling. –G. Bomans

“Mistakes are part of life. It is the response to the error that counts. – author unknown

“Sooner or later, all storms in life calm down. -author unknown

“There are three constants in life: change, choice and principles. –S. Covey

“Life is like waking up on a stage when the play has already started.  –O. Gasset

“Life is a disturbing episode in the rest of the blissful nothingness. -Schopenhauer

“Unfortunately, we do not learn for life, but for the school.  -Seneca

“Problems in life are simply challenges for the personal growth process.  – author unknown

”Life rewards action. – author unknown

“Silence illuminates your life path. By not speaking, you see more clearly. –Gandhi

“Whoever lives life is worth it.  – author unknown

“Silence illuminates your life path. By not speaking, you see more clearly.  –M. Gandhi

“If you manage to live only in the present, you will be a happy person.  –P. Coelho

“Sail the ship of your life as a captain, as well as be able to scrub the deck.  -author unknown

“Some people come into your life as blessings, others as lessons.  –Mother Teresa

“Learn to live your life by the minute.  – author unknown

“Many people come to their wisdom as schoolboys, who copy the answer from their calculation book without having performed the calculation. –S. Kierkegaard

Life begins when you don’t care what other people think about you.
–G. Bomans

” Keep all your memories well; you cannot relive them. –B. Dylan

“How can we see the richness of life when we run through it out of breath?  –D. Gunston

“Simplifying your life is the hardest thing there is.  –Y. Chouinard

“All the problems I’ve had in my life were the result of being in a hurry and not being late.
–G. Konrad

“Existence is a fact, life is an art.  – author unknown

“If you can spend a perfectly useless afternoon in a perfectly useless way, you have learned to live.  –L. Yutang

“Life gives the opportunity to collect pearls and throw away stones, or collect stones and throw away pearls.  –I. Khan

“Think of your life as a swimming pool – dive in even if you don’t know how deep it is.
– author unknown

“He who understands the art of living with himself will never be bored.  –Erasmus

“Life is the sum of all your choices.  –A. Camus

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone  –ND Walsch

” The only real failure in life is not being true to the best version of yourself. –Buddha

” Laziness is a necessity. You have to get her into your life to get to know life.–J. Chardonne

“There are only two ways to live your life: pretending that nothing is a miracle and pretending that everything is a miracle. I believe in the last way.  –A. Einstein

“Give a man a fish and he will eat one day, teach a man to fish and he will eat a lifetime.
– Chinese proverb

“Life is not about finding yourself. It’s about creating yourself.  –GB Shaw

“Look back on your path of life and see the pebbles that seemed like mountains before you passed them.  –Rasker

“On vacation you can see that life was meant differently.  –Love

“The primary task of man is to give himself life. –E. From

“Tell me and I’ll listen; show me and i look; let me experience it and I learn.  –Lao Tzu

“Anyone can empathize with a friend’s grief, but it takes a very noble nature to live with a friend’s success.  –O. Wanted

“If it is low tide in your life, it is good beachcombing.  –Raymond van de Klundert (Kluun)

“We all live under the same sky, but not all have the same horizon.  –K. Adenauer

“The lamp on our life path only illuminates our next step.  – author unknown

“Life is life in relationship.  –Lao Tzu

“Let life enjoy you too.  – author unknown

“When did your life work out? – author unknown

“Nothing is final in life, not even your worries.  –C. Chaplin

‘Life always gives you a new chance: it’s called tomorrow.  – author unknown

“The most important things in life are not things.  – author unknown

“Life rushes past who travels in haste.  –Sean Russell

“We learn silence only in the course of our lives; we learn to speak earlier.  –Lao Tzu

“No life path is a straight path.- author unknown

“If one knows what suffering is, one is able to enjoy life more.  – author unknown

“Giving forgiveness means realizing that cherishing old pain is destroying your life.
–P. Ferrucci

“Dare to embark on the longest journey in a lifetime: from your head to your heart.
–David Hodges, Trappist of the Abbey on Caldey Island

“Life is like drawing without an eraser. – author unknown

“The rhythm of breathing is a constant accompaniment in life. – author unknown

“The most amazing place you will ever be in your life is where you are right now. – author unknown

“If you focus 90% of your attention on that 10% that is not going well in your life, then over time you will think that 90% is not going well. – author unknown

“Life is getting richer or poorer by the way we use today. – author unknown

“The happiness of life depends on the quality of your thoughts. – Marcus Aurelus

” The primary task of man is to give himself life.  –E. From Added: Aug 1, 2015

“I don’t have a career. I have a life.  –B. Zander

“You don’t have to live a hectic life to achieve a lot.  – author unknown

“In the great battles of life, wisdom and understanding are often the strongest weapons.
– author unknown

“A friend is who says in your life what others say after you die.  – author unknown

“One person is only about 7 years old, the other 100 and not a penny of pain. Sometimes I think when I think about life; I could have been 7 too …  –Show Hermans

“Life is like a party; in the beginning you don’t know anyone but after a while you feel more and more comfortable.  – author unknown

”The difficulty is not to make money, but to earn it with something worth dedicating your life to.  –C. Zafon

” Life is a one-way street to the future.  – author unknown Added: Jun 23, 2014

“Man’s life is what his thoughts make of it.  – Marcus Aurelius

” Perhaps life consists of a number of symbols for a higher form of existence.- author unknown

“Keep your eyes on your partner during the dance of life.  – author unknown

“To fight you need at least two people, you can live in peace alone.  –Alberto del Niente al Nada

“On the stage of life, a change of scenery can promote action.  – author unknown

“When you live you must be busy with life, not death.  –Karel Apple

“The closer to death, the richer life becomes.  –Friedrich Rückert

“Be yourself, life is too short to be someone else.
–A. Kanters

”A life without love is not a life, it is only an existence.  – author unknown

“All you need in life is ignorance and confidence, then your success is assured.
–Mark Twain

“Living life in life is the pursuit of living life.
– Harry Slomp

“Whoever gives up his dreams gives up his life.  –Magdalena

“A life without love is like a landscape without sun.  –René de Masny

“Memories are the photos of life.  –Diny’s husband

“Life is a continuous goodbye.  – author unknown

“Step OUT of your head and IN your life.  – author unknown

“Life is like cycling: to keep your balance, you have to keep moving.  –A. Einstein

“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward.
–Sören Kierkegaard Added: Apr 18, 2012

“To live is a favor, to know how is an art.  –Show Hermans

“You can give life, you can do life, but it is better to experience life.  –Anton Hompe

“Life is the plural of guts.  –Love

“Life is a gift, but we don’t get it as a gift.- Eric van der Steen

“Parents are the bows with which children are streaked like living arrows.  – author unknown

“I am at rest inside, no matter how hard it storms in my life.  –Yvonne Zeller

“My life is like a tumbler, sometimes I go in all directions but never fall over and always come back to my base.  –Yvonne Zeller

“My life is like a rainbow, very colorful with an occasional tear.  –Yvonne Zeller

“One candle can light thousands of other candles without shortening its lifespan- Eastern wisdom

“If you had an hour to live and only had one phone call, who would you call, what would you say and what are you waiting for?  – Stephen Levine

“You cannot change your life, life changes you.  –MJ.Ramaekers

“Trust your strength and celebrate life!  –MJ. Ramaekers

“Living intensely is making a long story short.  –Bert Korsten

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