Sweet Inspirational Quotes About Life

sweet inspirational quotes about life

Whеthеr уоu’rе lооkіng fоr the motivation tо ѕtаrt (аnd ѕtісk with) уоur resolutions or ѕіmрlу want tо lіft your ѕріrіtѕ, thеѕе sweet inspirational quotes about life will do the trісk. Bookmark thеѕе quotes fоr thе nеxt tіmе уоu’rе іn nееd of a burѕt оf inspiration.

Some sweet inspirational quotes about life 

  1. “When life presents you with reasons to cry, show him that you have a thousand and one reasons to laugh”.  –Anonymous

  2. “In the end, what matters is not the years of life, but the life of the years”. –Abraham Lincoln  

  3. “Life is very dangerous. Not for the people who do evil, but for those who sit to see what happens”. –Albert Einstein  

  4. “Living is not only existing,

    but existing and creating,

    knowing how to enjoy and suffer

    and not sleep without dreaming.

    Rest is beginning to die”. –Gregorio Marañón  

  5. “Life is what happens to you while you insist on making other plans”. –John Lennon  

  6. “Sometimes we can go years without living at all, and suddenly our whole life is concentrated in a single moment”. –Oscar Wilde  

  7. “Being prepared is important, knowing how to wait is even more, but taking advantage of the right moment is the key to life”. –Arthur Schnitzler  

  8. “I learned that you cannot back down, that the essence of life is to go forward. Life is actually a one-way street”. –Agatha Christie  

  9. “Life has not been made to understand it but to live it”. –George Santayana  

  10. “The greatest hindrance in life is waiting for tomorrow and the loss of today. –Seneca  

  11. “The least frequent thing in this world is to live. Most people exist, that’s all”. –Oscar Wilde  

  12. “How small are my hands in relation to everything that life has wanted to give me!” –Ramón J. Sénder  

  13. “Life is a series of collisions with the future; It is not a sum of what we have been, but what we long to be”. –José Ortega y Gasset  

  14. “Life is a business in which you do not make a profit that is not accompanied by a loss”. –Arturo Graf  

  15. “Life is divided into three times: present, past, and future. Of these, the present is very brief; the future, doubtful; the past, right”. –Seneca  

  16. “He who has a reason to live can face all the “hows.” –Friedrich Nietzsche  

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