Some Beautiful Thoughts About Love

Get inspired by these 26 romantic phrases and express your feelings with some beautiful thoughts about love. Do you want to send an unforgettable quote to your partner?

Tell him what you think with the most tender words or find out how to share his love with your wedding guests. Read on.

The best quotation about love and life

Some phrases are so special that they become part of our lives. You will surely never forget your boyfriend’s words when handing over the engagement ring.

You will also always remember the ones from your wedding toast and what the song of the first married dance will say. What if you include thoughts of love on your save the date cards or wedding invitations?

If you are organizing your wedding, keep all the phrases you like in a journal or in a special album. Create sections like ” thoughts of love for my boyfriend “, “movie quotes” and “our songs”.

You can collect texts for wedding invitations, for your vows, or place on posters. Or ask your pastry chef to put the most delicious messages on your elegant wedding cake! Everyone will end up in love with you two.

You never know what words will get to your heart, so when you have a romantic idea, don’t stop: express it! We can all become poets when we fall in love.

Write a letter, send a little message, or say it in the ear of that special person. These thoughts of love are perfect for drawing sighs or even stealing hearts.

Do not forget to commemorate the most special moments, such as the delivery of the engagement ring or the choice of dolls for the wedding cake with the romantic thoughts you have had. It would be a beautiful detail to share these thoughts with your partner love in the final stretch of the day B.

And also later to keep the flame of love alive! You may write them down and stick them on the house mirrors, hold them with magnets on the refrigerator, or send them to your cell phone as a message. If you need a little push to start collecting your romantic thoughts, start by reading the following:

Extra sweet

The dessert table wedding candy for better digest if your guests are inspired by romantic and lovey-dovey texts. You can dose these doses of sugar on small signs, blackboards, or even inside the wrappers of artisan desserts that the pastry chef orders from your wedding.

Here are Some Beautiful Thoughts About Love

1. When your hand caresses me, I feel like a tree rocked by the wind
2. When you touch me, you make me colorful
3. Without you, love stories would not make sense
4. I would change all my favorite things for a single smile of yours
5. When I imagine myself happy, I imagine you
6. I only like it to rain if I hear the rain with you

quotes about love

Undying and unconditional love

Until death separates them. Those words that scare many people, you do not worry at all! His love is mature, committed, and eternal. So you will love these other thoughts.

7. No matter where you are: I will be the one who loves you forever
8. I want to be the love of your life. And what do you want to be when you grow up?
9. In your eyes, I found an endless story
10. I want you in an unrepeatable past, in a continuous present, and in an eternal future
11. If one day you need to feel that something does not change, remember that I love you

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When they miss each other

It is one thing to get married and quite another to believe that you will end up being Siamese. At some point or circumstance, they may have to deal with the distance, even for a few days. For those occasions, the words always comfort and remind them of their special union.

12. Waiting for you is consuming me in memories
13. As simple as I love you, as strong as I miss you
14. In passionate love, there is no place for space
15. I will love you on Friday even if I don’t see you, on Saturday even if you don’t stay and on Sunday even if I don’t rest

quotation about affection


In the emotions, in the energy to face each moment, in each kiss, in bed … There are many ways to get passionate and to let your partner know. Do not put off thoughts of love for your husband until tomorrow or allow them to become a pending task, start now!

16. There is no point in loving you if it is not with all my sense
17. Your arms are my port and your eyes my calm sea
18. I exchange a kiss of yours for all of my kisses
19. When you’re with me, I feel stars on my chest


Creativity should not only come to the fore when opting for one of the fondant wedding cakes they’d like to be able to break. Being original in every aspect of your relationship will keep the flame of love alive and feed your history of memories together with smiles. Here is a selection of words that will spark your wit.

20. I think of you in 3D: Wake up, Sleep and Wherever
21. I want you on the edge of my sheets
22. If life gave me lemons, I would exchange them for your kisses
23. You: you are my favorite syllable
24. You are a song that only flowers dream
25. Your flaws are the most colorful feathers on your wings
26. You are all the perfect matches

best quotation about love and life

The registration of inspiration for your wedding will be an invaluable memory and you can share it with all the special people for you. If you like a phrase a lot, you can include it in your wedding memories or write it down on a ribbon and carry it next to your bridal bouquet.

Or you can capture them on beautiful blackboards at the entrance of the wedding reception or in the seating plan . Encourage your guests to share thoughts or drawings on your wedding website or in your signature book. May love to fill every corner of your wedding, before and after!


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