Inspirational Quotes from Famous Rappers

inspirational quotes from famous rappers

There are also very beautiful sentences, sometimes even deep thoughts in rap, and we will prove it to you with this selection of the best inspirational quotes from famous rappers. It is not because we have nothing to say that we must be silent, is this the slogan of the rap generation?  

Inspirational quotes from famous rappers

“Time is good for love, contrary to what we think, regrets are when we concretely grieve.” -Oxmo Puccino

“Do not regret having been friends, have loved each other a little, having known unity, even if it is over. ” -Oxmo Puccino

“Worry is stupid. It’s like walking on the street with an open umbrella until it rains.” -Wiz Khalifa

“I write love songs for those who make love but whose hearts are still virgins.”  -Gringe

“Better to have serious friends than serious friends.” -Nekfeu

“Girls are not toys. You cannot pick them up and throw them away when you want.”  -Wiz Khalifa

“Sometimes a loss is the best thing that can happen. It teaches you what you should have done next time.”  -Snoop Dogg

“If evil shines in all its splendor It is before the worst that good takes its full value”. -Oxmo Puccino

“You don’t get respect if you don’t deserve it.”  -Snoop Dogg

“I grew up with the authors as with big brothers, they became my tutors.  -Abd al Malik

“No one wishes me luck, but I won’t spend my life wondering when it starts.” -Gringe

“We have called dreamers and utopians all those who in history made things happen”. -Abd al-Malik

“The exception confirms the eagle, so I took off.”  -Oxmo Puccino

“You will never know the end of the story by turning around two minutes from victory.”  -Oxmo Puccino

“Life is a pinball machine, I avoid bumpers, Tilt I’m afraid, as a great player.”  -MC Solaar

“Some relationships are bad. Sometimes the paths separate. But mistakes are fixed. And the finish line is often the start line.” -Orelsan

“When you are little, you can be content with little.”  -MC Solaar

“Some people make your life better by being part of it, while others make it better by leaving it. ” -Wiz Khalifa

“Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.”  -Jay Z

“If rap excels, Jazz is the spark.”  -MC Solaar


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