Quotes By Famous Authors and Poets

quotes by famous authors and poets

In this list today we are going to pay tribute to the great literary works and their authors with a post full quotes by famous authors and poets because my friend when we talk about great words, we can only go to the great quotes and phrases of famous writers.

The most literary and beautiful phrases of poets, about love, life, poetry … In short, only the best quotes from the most outstanding authors in history, both Spanish and foreign. Let’s go with them!

48. Quotes by famous authors and poets

1.  It is worth more on the face than the stain on the heart.

In life, you will be tempted to silence the heart and not dare to confess your feelings. However, Miguel de Cervantes has very valuable advice for those situations.

2. The whole world falls apart when she sees a man pass by who knows where he is going.

The decision to act and live is important. When we are determined to succeed, the problems turn away and we can move forward with our heads held high. This is what Antoine de Saint-Exupery tells us

3. Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross the wrong words.

Today it is fashionable to write and echo with the best phrases of famous writers. If you are undecided about your writing skills, remember this quote from Mark Twain.

4. We should live as many times as the trees, that after a bad year they throw new leaves and start again.

In life, we ​​accumulate grudges and regrets. Living with them pressures us and fills us with burdens that we don’t have to carry, but when we get rid of them, we are free and we can live again. This is what José Luis Sampedro says.

5. It is not enough to know, it must also be applied. Willing is not enough, one must also do.

According to Goethe, to be better in life, we must apply the knowledge we learn day after day. To be better at loving, we must not only want to, but we must also demonstrate it.

6.  The human race is in the best situation when it has the highest degree of freedom.

Many cultures and thoughts coexist in the world. Some value freedom much more than others, and sometimes they choose to trample on their rights. For Dante Alighieri, the human race will reach its best potential when freedom and respect for the rights of others are at their maximum potential.

7. The soul that can speak with the eyes, can also kiss with the gaze.

The eyes are the window to our soul. For true romantics, this is a phrase from a famous writer full of truth. Our soul, if it is free, can speak through our eyes and express love with the greatest of sincerities. The poet Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer expresses it with this quote.

8. It is true that in the world of men there is nothing necessary except love.

For many people the world is complicated and our needs are endless. For Goethe, everything comes down to love, which is our greatest need and strength with the ability to move the world and change humanity.

9. The future has many names. For the weak is unreachable. For the fearful, the unknown. For the brave, it is the opportunity.

It is normal for everyone to fear the future. However, you should not allow that fear to stop you from growing and acting. Whenever you feel faint in the future, remember one of the most famous phrases of writers by Víctor Hugo.

10. Human beings are not born forever the day their mothers give birth to them, but life forces them to give birth to themselves over and over again.

Life tests us every day. Sometimes the tests are so difficult that we leave them strengthened, like a new person. That is what Gabriel García Márquez refers to and we could not miss it in this list of phrases by famous writers.

11. Love is a play in which the acts are very short and the intervals are very long. How to fill the intermediates if not through ingenuity?

When we are in a relationship there are explosive moments of love, soft or warm. Among those moments are life, routine, fighting, and arguing. Knowing how to combine them is the key to success, as Ninon de l’Enclos shows.

12. In matters of love, madmen are the ones with the most experience. Never ask the sane about love; the sane love sanely, which is like never having loved.

In love, the mad and the innocent have the most experience. They love freely and without thinking too much, letting themselves be carried away by feeling without looking ahead or fearing the future. If you want to know love do as Jacinto Benavente says.

13. We are born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through love and friendship can we create the momentary illusion that we are not alone.

There is no shortage of writers who can talk to us about love from a point of view that we can consider harsh or cynical, even cold. Orson Welles is one of them and he talks about love as a cold illusion in a long and lonely life.

14. All that really belongs to us is time; even the one who has nothing else owns it.

Time governs everything from our birth to our death. When you feel that you have nothing, the time will always be there, as Baltasar Gracián puts it.

15. We seek happiness, but without knowing where, as drunkards seek their home, knowing that they have one.

Life is a continuous search for happiness for many. But, according to Voltaire, we already have it.

16. Accept the risks, all life is but an opportunity. The man who goes the furthest is generally the one who wants and dares to be.

Enjoy with the phrases of writers about life, because it is the only opportunity you have to enjoy. So said Dale Carnegie.

17. If we exaggerate our joys, as we do with our sorrows, our problems would lose importance.

Joy and happiness go hand in hand. To enjoy true happiness you only have to praise it as you do with your sorrows. This is recommended by Anatole France.

18. Youth is happy because they have the ability to see beauty. Anyone who retains the ability to see beauty never ages.

When we are children and young people life is beautiful. We are happy because we look at everything with new eyes and not with the tired look of an adult. If you want to see the beauty of life, recover that capacity and you will discover that you will never grow old, so says Franz Kafka.

19. There is no happiness or unhappiness in this world; there is only a comparison of one state with another. Only a man who has felt maximum despair is capable of feeling maximum happiness. It is necessary to have wanted to die to know how good it is to live.

In the book The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, we find precious literary phrases that summarize the mysteries of happiness and unhappiness in the world.

20. The reasonable man adapts to the world: the unreasonable man persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.

In the novel Man and Superman by George Bernard Shaw we find a quote that can summarize what man lives and will live throughout history:

21. They wanted to speak, but could not; There were tears in their eyes. They were both pale and thin, but those pale faces were illuminated with the dawn of a new future.

The difficulties of life can suffocate us, we can even feel ourselves in a cell, prisoners of obligations. You can extrapolate your situation to the protagonists of Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevski and this fantastic literary phrase.

22. Every book, every volume you see here has a soul. The soul of the person who wrote it and of those who read it lived and dreamed of it. Every time a book changes hands, every time someone drops their eyes to the pages, their spirit grows and strengthens.

The books that great famous writers and poets write are pieces of our soul that we deliver to readers. This phrase from The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón sums it up perfectly.

23. The creatures outside looked from pig to man and from man to pig again, but it was impossible to say which was which.

The writer George Orwell was characterized by writing novels with a great realistic content disguised as metaphors. In Rebellion in the Farm, he shows us a literary appointment where we see the mini world of oppression, consumerism, and exploitation.

24. There is nothing in the world, man or devil or anything, that is as suspicious to me as love, because it penetrates the soul more than anything else. There is nothing to occupy and tie the heart more than love. Therefore, when it has no weapons to govern itself, the soul sinks, for love, in the deepest of ruins

Love has always inspired innumerable amounts of works throughout the existence of the human being. In some, he is praised and applauded and in others.

25. He did not really care about death, but about life, and so the feeling he experienced when they pronounced the sentence was not a feeling of fear, but of nostalgia.

To understand the preciousness of life we ​​must be on the verge of death, that is a concept that writers have handled very well throughout the years, as is the case of the great writer Gabriel García Márquez with One Hundred Years of Solitude and an of the best reflections on this topic

26. What only happens once is as if it never happens. If a man can only live one life it is as if he did not live at all.

Life is full of events that can happen only once and that we remember with great affection and attachment. For Milan Kundera in La Insoportable Levedad del Ser invites us to repeat experiences to live fully.

27. Lord, the sorrows were not made for the beasts, but for men; but if men feel them too much, they become beasts.

Miguel de Cervantes has always given us beautiful words in his writings. In the following, it teaches us how sadness can destroy humanity, and how allowing it to dominate our soul can lead us to an almost animal state.

28. Until you are aware of your strength, you will not rebel, and until after you have revealed yourself, you will not be aware. That’s the problem.

Oppression and despotism may seem difficult to overcome. We are in a time of great change and we would do well to remember these words from 1984, George Orwell’s wonderful novel.

29. I fell in love with life, it is the only one that will not leave me without first doing it.

Pablo Neruda is one of the most famous poets in history. His words and style were simple, but they reached the heart. In this sentence, he explains why we have to fall in love with life and why it is one of the best decisions we can make.

30. It is typical of those with narrow minds to charge against everything that does not fit in their heads.

Throughout history, part of human society has been against what it cannot understand. It is a normal response, we all fear what we do not know, the answer to this lies in opening the mind. Antonio Machado gives us these words on the subject.

31. Perfection is a polished collection of mistakes.

We are all afraid of failure, mistakes, and scorn. For Mario Benedetti we cannot be perfect without having made a large number of mistakes, only in this way do we learn and improve as individuals.

32. If you always try to be normal, you will never discover how extraordinary you can be.

Trying to fit in and feel like part of a group is part of our human nature, it’s normal. When looking for phrases from famous poets, I also remember the following quote from Maya Angelou.

33. Do not let enthusiasm die, a virtue as valuable as it is necessary; works, aspires, always tends towards height.

Many times it is easy to fall into the routine and forget about the enthusiasm we felt at the beginning of everything, a job, love, a family. Keep enthusiasm in your life, as Rubén Darío advises.

34. It takes courage to grow and become who you really are.

Growing up is not just maturing, but being more serious and fulfilling our obligations. This is expressed by EE Cummings is one of the famous phrases of poets.

35. Prejudice is a burden that confuses the past, threatens the future, and makes the present inaccessible.

Prejudices have been part of humanity since time immemorial. Many societies maintain and protect them, others continue to preach them around the world. For Maya Angelou, prejudice is one of humanity’s great enemies:

36. The book is strong, it is valued, it is power, it is food, the torch of thought, and source of love.

Books are the keys to our freedom of thought. This is why many despotic and authoritarian regimes have ordered its destruction throughout history. Values ​​books as Rubén Darío did with one of the most famous poems phrases remembered.

37. There are defeats that have more dignity than a victory.

Winning no matter how you do it doesn’t honor your life. Jorge Luis Borges tells us that in defeats we can be much more worthy than in victory because being defeated implies that we have not fallen into the temptation of corruption.

38. It seems, when you love, that the whole world has a rumor of spring ”. – Juan Ramón Jiménez.

When we fall in love, the world takes on a wonderful pink color and nothing can affect or disturb us. Juan Ramón Jiménez defines this feeling with the following words.

39. The poetry does not want followers, it wants lovers.

One of the best phrases about poetry was said by Federico García Lorca, it sums up perfectly the maximum aim of poetry because we should not follow it as fans, as we do with other artistic genres, we should only love it:

40. Don’t stop believing that words and poetry can change the world.

Words and especially the way we write and express them have the power to change the world around us. Poetry in space can change people’s hearts and help them see reality with different eyes. So says Walt Whitman.

41. No one has to understand with what secret emotion the purest beauties my spirit interprets, you will understand it because you are a poet.

Poets have a privileged place to observe the world and understand the feelings and the hidden beauty that makes it a spin. They are also experts in expressing what despairs their souls or what can keep them on fire and with a reason to live. On this, Abraham Valdelomar thinks.

42. In my own house as well as in someone else’s, I have believed that I felt that when poetry penetrated the word, it decomposed it, opened it like a cocoon to all the nuances of meaning.

A writer can take the meaning of the words and take it to another level, transform it in order to provoke in the reader unique and unexpected reactions. A poet can take the words and break them down until he expresses from them the greatest meaning they can have, as José Gorostiza, a Mexican poet, said.

43. A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom.

For Robert Frost, reading a poem is made up of phases. When we begin to read the first verses we experience an unparalleled delight, we enjoy the poet’s emotions, then, we end up being much wiser, because the learning inherent in those words and the deep vision of the human soul that they demonstrate, lead us to think more beyond what we thought possible.

44. The noblest function of a writer is to give testimony, as a notarized act and as a faithful chronicler, of the time he has had to live.

For Camilo José Cela the writers are responsible for giving us a vision of the world that they had to live.

45. One of life’s deep secrets is that the only thing worth doing is what we do for others.

We can face life in many ways. You can live for yourself or you can live to serve others. With phrases from famous authors such as Lewis Carroll, you will learn to see life with greater meaning.

46. Life is a series of collisions with the future; It is not a sum of what we have been, but what we long to be.

José Ortega y Gasset has a new vision of life. We leave you her appointment so you can see her perspective of her.

47. The life of the baths of the sea and the life of travels make me see that the theater of the world has fewer sets than actors and fewer actors than situations.

Marcel Proust, in his broad vision, tells us that the wealth of the world does not lie in its wonderful landscapes or in the variety of people who inhabit it, but in the situations that take place in them and that must be faced and lived.

48. Nature can be corrected, amended, otherwise, we would be buried under prejudice. Without that there would not be a single great man.

If the nature of our planet changes to adapt to the changes, why don’t we do it? For Fyodor Dostoevsky, this is the only way out to avoid being buried by meaningless prejudice.

I hope you enjoyed reading these quotes by famous authors and poets. Enjoy more quotes here.


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