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Best quotes about perfect life partner

 ”Life is only complete when there are two of us”. George Sand

”Love is pure when, in it, the thirst for happiness fades before the passion for unity. As long as two beings are linked to each other only by the desire to be happy, they do not love each other, they are separated. To love does not consist in sharing two joys, but two lives. ” Gustave Thibon

”Life together cannot be tolerated unless one spares moments of isolation.”  Gilles Archambault

”To unite, you have to be two, and you are only two on the condition of retaining your personality.”  Henri Lacordaire

”In a marriage when one of the two leaves, the other is bored. And when the other is bored it is because he is unhappy. However, when one is unhappy, the duty of the other is to abandon it … so that it is less unhappy.” Sacha Guitry

”Our life between us is united and isolated in the middle of the world.” Alphonse Karr

quotes about perfect life partner

”Living together is more often than not a series of mending and pardons.” Henri-Frédéric Amiel

”Living together is a tolerance, not a joy.”    Henri-Frédéric Amiel

”Daring to live together is to have positive self-confidence, in each other and in the couple. It’s daring to create an original work, for two.”  Frédéric Fanget

”The best moments in life together are when you’re alone.”

”Loneliness darkens, suffocates, and dries up; life together creates a new man.” Henri-Frédéric Amiel

”Life as a couple delivers agitations from the flesh and converts excess strength into excellent works.”  Henri-Frédéric Amiel

”Each household, like peoples, begins with poetry and ends with prose.” Henri-Frédéric Amiel

”I remain convinced that we can live together, from one end of life to the other, having one for the other a feeling that nothing can alter, made of tenderness and respect, trust and friendship, friendship in the purest sense of the word. I believe in the husband’s friendship for the wife and vice versa.”  Sacha Guitry

”Happiness for two, it lasts the time of counting to three.” Sacha Guitry

”Man is not made to live alone, happiness has a price only if it is shared.”  Jules Sandeau

”Life is a long way, what good is it to walk alone, when you can walk it hand in hand.”  Maxalexis

”The life of two must begin when the life of one has finished its evolution.”  Henri-Frédéric Amiel

”Life as a couple softens selfishness by doubling it.” Marcel Prévost

”Living together is, first of all, to be no longer alone, to be loved, that is to say, to count for someone.”  Marcel Arland

Parents must be kept away from their married life, otherwise, there is a risk of breaking up the household.”  Boris Vian

It only takes two to create a comfortable and cozy world.” Marie-Claire Blais

The bread on which lovers live is that which is eaten in the shadows, escaping the law of numbers, being only one by being two.” Jean Anouilh

”Living as a couple is accepting to grow and support each other, it is also learning to bring together personal aspirations and aspirations specific to the couple, then to the family when there are children.” Jacques Salomé

Man no longer knows what it is to be two.”  Louis Aragon

”Which woman is looking for a man who is looking for a woman who is looking for a man” Unknown

”Partnership balance: not asking others more than yourself.”  Henriette Hanke

”Diametrical directions between two partners rarely lead to dual results.” Willy Meurer

No piece of you

How long should this go on
when will you finally understand:
I do not belong to you like the foam to the beer
I do not belong to you like the keys to the piano –
first of all, I belong to me!

Listen, my dear, believe me:
I’m not just a piece of you!
I don’t belong to you like the branch to the tree
I don’t belong to you like the mask to the clown –
first of all, I belong to me!

There are
still two of us, there is still some time
for my friend!
Love is fragile
and not corruptible
watch out, my friend!

Only when you love yourself does
love to make sense –
and how am I supposed to love myself
when I’m just a piece of you?
© Jörn Pfennig (* 1944), German poet and poet

”The real home is our life partner.” Erwin Koch

”Many singles who are looking for their dream partner are not looking for a real partner at all, but an additional advertising space for their own ego.” Rena Lessner

When people with children …

The knowledge hit me completely unprepared
as my marriage breaks up.
I am really important to my children.
I am the father, I am the king of the
little ones and you should think
that yang is the mother, but far from it
because yang is what steals me.

The mother can no longer do that, the more
she needs,
the better a ying, nothing?
Men, women, partners in abundance?
But that’s a long time ago.
Single parent, separated with a child.

Naive, confused, I was so blind.
Suddenly I look deeply, it
doesn’t have to be a partner,
no, what I need now is a stepmother
for my little ones.

If you are alone and it is not,
the question of whether it is really right
suddenly becomes important. Wrong decisions
forbidden, temptations become investigations
when people with children
try to find a partner.

The feeling begins to grow,
even a blind person sees that,
but you are careful,
the children in the back of your mind.
I am the father, I am the Ying of the
little ones and you should think
that Yang comes on its own,
but far from it, it is the
the constant question that torments me:
are you kind, patient, tender?

And I see you and you see me.
Single parent, separated with a child.
Are we right for our children?
Suddenly you look deeply, it
doesn’t have to be a partner,
no, what you need is a stepfather
for your little one.

When you are alone and you are not.
The question of whether he is really right
suddenly becomes important. Wrong decisions
forbidden, temptations become investigations
when people with children
try to find a partner.  Klemens Winterer

”Letting go means that the now lies between what was and what comes. If we stop clinging to impossible ideas, we will be better off.” Dörthe Huth

”If you get to know foreign countries with your partner, you get to know your partner.”  Ronny Boch,

”You get to know each other alongside a demanding partner. Making your own happiness dependent on another person is a dependency that stands in the way of a partnership. In fact, freedom is a prerequisite for close ties.”  Esther Klepgen

”You know from a good partner that he only uses his elbows for hooking.” Werner Hadulla

”Partnership: A constant give and take. As far as the theory …”  Frank Wisniewski

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”Unconditional love only exists in the partnership of souls.” Toni Duppka

”Successful partnership – the balance of closeness and distance.”  Helmut Glaßl

”Instead of in the supermarket, we should collect loyalty points in the partnership.”  Helmut Glaßl

”Anyone who wants to own a partner has already lost it.”  Helmut Glaßl

”Once you have found your partner for life, the search continues: For inspiration and ideas, to make others and thus yourself happy.”  Andreas Staeck

”The partners only get to know each other when they separate.”  Andrea Mira Meneghin

”Weeds of misunderstanding sow between loneliness and caring partnership.”  Raymond Walden,

”It is often better for a woman if the man is a little foolish.”  Johann Friedrich von Cronegk

”Free space? Even today there are people who pretend to have bought their partner in the slave market.”  Peter Hohl

”The positive thing about old partnerships is equanimity towards the negative.”  Christa Schyboll


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