Quotes About Celebrity Influence

quotes about celebrity influence

So that you can express what you feel with beautiful words, we bring you a selection of quotes about celebrity influence.

Quotes about celebrity influence

“We do not understand the importance of an event, its lasting influence on our personality until long after it has joined the sphere of memory.”  – Douglas Kennedy

“It is not enough that the facts are placed in chronological order for there to be history, it is necessary that there is an influence on each other.” – Antoine Prost

“Eternal truth, which is not influenced by matter, natural phenomena, or feelings, is invisible.” – Yoko Ogawa

“When you are firmly convinced that you can influence the decisions of others, you always end up getting there.”  – Laurent Gounelle

“Aside from the prose and poetry of the Greek and Latin authors, the only authors who have influenced me are Keats, Flaubert, and Walter Pater, and, when I encountered them, I had already traveled half the way to meet them. The style must already be in your soul before you recognize it in others.” – Oscar Wilde

“Rock and roll have been around for a while. Before, we called it rhythm and blues. It was already a great thing. It got even bigger. It was then claimed that he had a bad influence on young people. For me, rock is nothing but music. And I’m sure he’s there for a while. Or you will have to find something very strong to replace it.” – Elvis Presley

“I was born on July 10, 1919, in Toulouse (Haute-Garonne). It is a large southern city at the crossroads of multiple influences: Mediterranean and Atlantic. It is not the azure and gold noon, the postcard noon like that of the Côte d’Azur, it is a more veiled, more wet noon.” – Pierre Gamarra

“There are indeed a number of forces and powers for whom the moralization of public life would be an obstacle to their influence and their lobby.” – François Bayrou

“Those who claim that women have no influence on men’s decisions are grossly mistaken.” – Lisa See

“It is certain that Christian values ​​have been civilizing in Europe and their dominating influence.”  – Nicolas Sarkozy

“Islam has never been the Other of Europe, the East, but a component of Europeans, which is an integral part not only of our past but also of our present, in the Mediterranean, in the Balkans, in Cyprus, in Russia. We must take the measure of its importance and accept this link, even if its influence has had a strong religious coloring which may displease us”. – Jack Goody

“Our representatives are still too influenced by a press very hostile to the SVP in French-speaking Switzerland. They want us to talk good about them. It is a mistake. Above all, you have to defend your convictions and take them courageously”. – Christoph Blocher

“Certain images have a strange influence on us. They are sometimes more true than reality. And they can lead us to higher truths”. – Éric Giacometti

“With the success of leather jackets and pants, the activity of the sewing department, which was my reserved domain, was growing every day. Thinking that it would be good for us to make sweaters, I hired a woman for this purpose. This lady was called Lola Prusac. Polish of origin, very influenced by the folk art of her country, she had an absolutely extraordinary sense of color harmony. His pullovers were as successful as they were immediate.” – Lola Prusac

“Many believe that democracy is based on the rule of the majority. It’s wrong. Democracy may influence the rule of the majority, but in no case can it progress if it does not gain the support of minorities, of those who refuse to comply, who express their disagreement, who want change. And I know from experience that the future lies in this minority. The majority belong to the past and the minority to the future”. – Shimon Peres

“In life, there are sometimes people out of nowhere who mark your existence forever. Fate places them in your way and as if by magic, they influence your behavior sometimes to the point of changing your way of being. They weave a web over you that keeps you trapped in their essence, whatever it is”.  – Francisco de Paula Fernández

“It gives me a reason to say that Flaubert gave birth to a whole category of detestable writers. I told him that Flaubert, by influence, had led certain individuals to believe that it was enough to sweat three days on a sentence to be a writer. Then he tells me about the influences that he himself underwent, falling just with what I thought: Plato, four pages of the Banquet, Daniel de Foë, Poe, enormously, Flaubert, in the beginnings, until, not understood, Spicilege”. – Paul Léautaud

“Mum and Dad were very keen that we didn’t give in to fear or prejudice, nor let ourselves be swayed by these conformist sissies that explained to people the best way to walk”. – Jeannette Walls

“What interest does she have in her life now? I feel like he must have started to miss it very early. Always make the wrong choice. To let yourself be influenced by some, by others or, like that, my favorites and anger”. – Marie Brantôme

“Four years after the death of Justinian, in 569 AD, was born in Mecca, in Arabia, the man who, among all men, was to exert the greatest influence on the human race … Muhammad”. – John William Draper

More quotes about celebrity influence

The influence of circles is as effective and sensitive in the history of consciousness as in that of literature.  -Victor Cherbuliez

There are men who, being unable to influence others, fear their influence all the more. 
– Henri-Frédéric Amiel

What do the opinions of the indifferent, or the admonitions of those who do not even try to understand us, matter? We can only be influenced by those who love us. The words of others ring in our ears like hail on the roofs, without penetrating it.  0Henri-Frédéric Amiel

The life and character of the individual have an influence on his physique and even on his morale. An intelligent man uses his intelligence better if he is free, without material worries, independent in the true sense of the word.  -Paul Léautaud

The dominating spirit, the governing hand, the reigning influence in a house, is the mother’s spirit, hand and influence. The home is her home: son, daughter, husband, everything undergoes its ascendancy.  0Henri-Frédéric Amiel  .

There are people so subject to atmospheric influences that their good or their bad mood indicates, like a barometer, the rain, and the good weather.  -Adolphe d’Houdetot

Kindness embellishes even vulgar features; kindness is already almost a beauty; its influence spreads over all the traits, over the whole person a touching charm which speaks to the heart. The mouth smiles more gracefully, the eye radiates softer, the physiognomy has more serenity, the movements more harmony.  -Saint-Albin Berville

Authority is a torrent, influence a stream; the torrent, by mingling with the waves of the stream, precipitates its course but tarnishes its purity. Keep these two streams from flowing in the same bed. Keep them away from each other.  -Alexandre Vinet

The more you give of your heart, the more it will be returned to you by the divine influence of love.  -George Sand

The first steps you take in the world have a decisive influence on your whole life.  -Diane de Beausacq

To occupy a rank in the world, one must know how to exert influence or undergo it.  -Jean-Napoléon Vernier

There are few truly original men, almost all of them govern themselves, think, and feel by the influence of custom and education. Nothing is so rare as a spirit walking on a new road.  -Voltaire

The goodness of the heart always influences that of the spirit.  -Simon de Bignicourt

To influence someone is to give them their soul.  -Oscar Wilde

We can measure the influence and the strength of a spirit by the amount of nonsense that it hatches.  -Louis Aragon

Influence is the queen of the world.  -Alexandre Vinet

True power in this world is not authority, it is influence.  -Alexandre Vinet

If physical impressions have a great influence on what we call our hearts or our imagination, our heart and our imagination in turn take great control over them.  -Jacques-Henri Meister

The influence of love is immense, because, like God, it gives us the idea of ​​the infinite.  -Jean-Napoléon Vernier

The influence of a great nation is in the wisdom of its laws, the fullness of its freedoms, the development of its prosperity, and the order of its finances.  -Emile de Girardin

Everything is arranged under the influence of a laughing and optimistic thought.  -George Sand

The influence of adversity is only truly beneficial in early youth. Pierre-Marie Quintard

Proud and delicate minds are not hungry for power, but for influence; they expect influence, and influence alone, to give them power; and power itself, to consolidate and expand, needs to take and keep the form of influence. The power which wants to be only power, and which disdains influence, has only a weak and precarious existence. Alexandre Vinet

Such is the influence of a great man, he animates the genius of those whom he enlightens. -from Abel-François Villemain

A weakness of the ego is acquired under the influence of emotional conflicts. -Henry de Montherlant

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