Nice Thoughts Before Sleep

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Do you need nice thoughts before sleep? It has been scientifically proven that people sleep better if they consciously think about what went well and what they are grateful for before going to sleep. That gives much more peace.

11 nice thoughts before sleep

1. I am grateful
Thankful for the many little things. The clothes I can put on. The freshwater from the tap. The food and the beverages. The light. Nature. My house, my bed.

2. I did my best
I am proud of myself and all my efforts. It’s fine this way. What is over is over.

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3. Enough is enough.
It doesn’t have to be perfect. I am satisfied with what is already there. I enjoy my journey. Life is about now. And I focus on everything that is already there.

4. I live and I learn
If I have not yet succeeded, I can learn it. Sometimes I fall and then I get up. I make mistakes. I am human. I grow.

” What your eyes read, that’s what your brain gets to work on! (Sabine)

5. I have confidence in myself
If I stay close to myself and do the things I am good at, I can achieve and mean a lot. I rely on my strength. I am strong.

6. I am curious about tomorrow.
Tomorrow is yet another opportunity. I then get up fresh and make choices that are good for me and give me energy. Either way, I give the best of myself.

7. I appreciate the people in front of me
I think of a person I love. Someone I have warm feelings for. Someone I like to be involved with. I think about how I feel with this person.

8. I am valuable
I pay attention to the people around me. I am meaningful to them. And I do that with all love and pleasure. I am a source of unconditional love.

9. I deserve all love and abundance.
I do my best for everything that makes life beautiful. My positive contribution deserves every kind of positive reward.

10. I live in peace and freedom.
I am well off. I live in a country where freedom is a great thing. I can make my own choices and shape my life.

11. I love myself 
I take good care of myself. For my body, for my positive thoughts. I’m worth it


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