Marriage Quotes When Times Are Tough

marriage quotes when times are tough

These are phrases of marriage quotes when times are tough that have crossed the barriers of time. Check out our list of popular inspirational quotes and sayings.

Marriage quotes when times are tough

The happiness of a day is as difficult as the destiny of the whole life”. Germaine de Staël

Poverty is always difficult to live with but coupled with moral misery it becomes inhuman.  Abla Farhoud

Aging well is the most difficult thing”. Françoise Giroud

His life was difficult, but he didn’t know it”.  Mark Twain

If it is difficult to live, it becomes increasingly impossible and ineffective to die”. Antonin Artaud

The hardest part of life is to live and not lie”. Fiodor Dostoyevsky

Aging: Difficult companion but with which it is best to get used to”. Charles Régismanset

My God ! how difficult relationships with sentient beings are! Our whole life is spent not satisfying people”. Henry de Montherlant

Having an easy life is a difficult goal”. William Cowper

It is difficult to live with humans because it is difficult to be silent”. Friedrich Nietzsche

Life is prodigiously boring when it is uniform”. Voltaire

There is something sadder to lose than life, it is the reason for living”. Paul Claudel

How difficult it is to live, oh my tired heart!  Henri-Frédéric Amiel

There is only one horrible thing in this world, one irremediable sin, boredom.  Oscar Wilde; The portrait of Dorian Gray (1891)

When you are alone, daydreaming becomes sadness”. Alexandre Dumas

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