love quotes for Him Before Bed

We collect the best 50 phrases of love quotes for him before bed, with ideal messages to say good night to your partner in a romantic and loving way.

love quotes for him before bed

When we love someone, we can not forget to wish him good night before bed, to show that we care and wish him the best before going to sleep.

If you want to express these good wishes to your partner in a different way, get inspired with these love quotes for him before bed, ideal to send your boyfriend in a message before bed.

50 love quotes for him before bed

With this selection of good night phrases of love, you can say good night to your partner in a different way and with much love.

1. When I say good night, it is so you know that you are my last thought before sleeping.

This is a good night phrase for your boyfriend or, so you can express how much you think about him.

2. I fall asleep early to dream you longer.

A romantic phrase to say to the loved one before going to bed.

3. The day is ending, but I assure you that what will never end will be my love for you.

You can take advantage of this time of day to remind your partner of your great love for her.

4. We are going to kiss each other good night and good night kissing.

An original phrase with which to wish the other person a good night and tell them that you want to kiss them.

5. I always have sweet dreams because I fall asleep thinking of you.

And it is that the love of that special person brings us happiness, even when we are dreaming.

6. Good evening my love: close your eyes and dream a lot about me, because I am already dreaming of you.

Dreaming about the loved one can be very romantic, as it is usually associated with a gesture of love and attention.

7. The night is for dreaming and the day for making those dreams come true. You are my reality created in the most wonderful dream of my life. Goodnight My Love.

And it is that finding that special person and being reciprocated can be a dream come true.

8. The night is starry and the stars shiver blue in the distance. And the night wind spins in the sky and sings of my love for you.

This excerpt from a poem by Pablo Neruda is ideal to dedicate as a good night message to our love.

9. Make me a space in your night, I want to dream about you.

This short good night phrase is very romantic and original, ideal for wishing good night differently.

10. Have happy dreams, my love. My kisses will travel to you and whisper to you until, little by little, you plunge into a deep sleep.

This other phrase is ideal to send as a good night message if the distance separates you.

11. We are far from each other, but tonight I know that you will appear in my dreams. Goodnight My Love.

The same goes for this beautiful message of love, to say good night from a distance .

12. Everything is possible at night when the world is asleep. I think of you, I miss you and the hours become enemies until I see you again.

You can also tell him with this romantic phrase by David Almond, about missing the loved one.

13. And tonight I will sleep with you in my heart. Let’s dream together. Goodnight love.

A phrase to wish your boyfriend good night and invite him to dream of you.

14. I would like to be in your arms and sleep next to you instead of sending you this message. I love you

Another romantic phrase of good night to dedicate to your love if you are far away.

15. Observing the infinity of the firmament with all those stars that shine bright I always remember you. Good night Sweetheart.

The night is a perfect occasion to admire the stars, a romantic symbol that you can use in your dedicated phrase.

forever alone sad quote
Wishing our partner a good night with a nice phrase is one of the most romantic gestures. Source: Pexels

16. Going to bed with the certainty that I will see you again tomorrow fills me with hope. Good night my Love.

After the night comes a new day, a new opportunity to be with the loved one.

17. All I do during the day is think about you. And at night my only desire is to find myself in your arms. Goodnight My Love.

We can dedicate this phrase to that person we are thinking of at all hours, even in dreams.

18. Good evening, my love, my arms miss you so much that it has launched itself to embrace the shadow of your absence.

A romantic and poetic phrase ideal to dedicate to the loved one if he is not with us.

19. Tonight the stars are counted by millions, like the kisses that I would give to you. Goodnight My Love.

Again another reference to the night sky and the stars, all a romantic symbol.

20. Good night my life, see you in a while in our dreams.

And it is that dreaming of the other person is another romantic gesture, and a good way to wish a good night.

21. If this was all a dream, don’t wake me up. I’d rather live in it 100 years than in the real-world without you. Sweet dreams.

Dreams are that place where we can be with the loved one even if they are not with us.

22. Since I met you, I lost my fear of the dark, do you know why? Because you are the light that illuminates all my nights.

One of the most romantic good night phrases that we can dedicate to our partner.

23. I have the impression, although in reality it is rather a wish, that the moon shines only for us. I love you my life.

The moon is also a symbol of romance, ideal to include in your sentence to dedicate to your partner before going to sleep.

24. My love, you are the last thing I think about when I go to sleep and the first thing I think about when I wake up. Goodnight.

A romantic way to wish your partner good night and take the opportunity to tell them that they occupy your thoughts all day.

25. When night comes I like to sleep thinking about you. Sweet Dreams My Love.

This is another phrase to remind you that you are always thinking of him.

26. Happy dreams my life, I hope you sleep well, tomorrow I will tell you in what a magnificent dream you have appeared to me. I love you

Again, dreams appear as a symbol of love and affection towards the other person.

27. My love, the moon, and the stars have come only to see you sleep. Let the moonlight and stars guide your dreams and bring them to me.

A way to tell the other person that you want to be with them, even in dreams.

28. If you want to know how much I love you, count the stars in the sky. Goodnight Sweetheart.

With this phrase, you can express that your love is infinite, like the stars in the sky. Of course, try not to have a lot of contamination or it will be believed that you love him very little.

29. Before getting into bed, I would like to thank you for always being by my side. Good night my Love.

This is a way to say good night and thank all the good things that our partner offers us.

30. I dream of you, therefore I exist.

This fun and short good night phrase emulates the famous “I think, therefore I am”, but in an original and romantic way.

31. Since I know you, I sleep less but smile more.

This phrase is ideal to dedicate to that person who takes our sleep away with his love.

32. No matter how far away you are, you always flood my deepest thoughts. Good night my Love.

These good night messages are perfect for people separated by distance.

33. If you dream of me, I promise not to wake you up.

And it is that when we dream of the loved one we would never want to be awakened.

34. Sweet dreams my love. I can’t wait for tomorrow to be able to say good morning with a kiss.

Others, on the other hand, are already wishing to wake up next to their love to be able to show their affection with a kiss.

35. Sweet nights, a little ray of moonlight that illuminates my dreams.

This is a very tender and loving phrase to wish your partner a good night.

Tell him you love him with a nice phrase to wish him good night. forever alone sad quote
Tell him you love him with a nice phrase to wish him good night. Source: Unsplash

36. Before sleeping, in my mind you will always find a sweet thought for you, that you are the person I love the most in this world.

With this nice phrase of the good night, we can send how much we love you.

37. My love, on this beautiful night I have no words to express how much I love you.

Sometimes we cannot find the words with which to express what we feel for the other person.

38. Love is perhaps one of the simplest feelings, but the most difficult to control and, also, impossible to contain, even when you go to bed… I love you!

Not even in dreams can we hide or hide what we feel when we love someone.

39. Even though you are far away, today I will travel a thousand kilometers in my dreams to be with you. I miss you.

This other phrase to say good night to our partner is also dedicated to couples separated by distance.

40. Another night without sleep because of the coffee … the one with your eyes.

An original and fun way to tell someone who steals our sleep . Although only valid for those with dark eyes, of course.

41. Another day comes to an end. I like to know that I have someone like you who will turn each of my days into something special. Thank you my heart, every second at your side is unique.

We can say this phrase before going to sleep with the person who makes our life special.

42. If you’re going to be walking all night through my mind, at least get dressed!

A fun way to say that we spend the night thinking about that person … and other things!

43. Today I had a very hard day, but your support and your love made everything easier. My fortune has been to find you. Goodnight love.

And what better way to go to bed than by expressing our gratitude and affection to our partner when he supports us in everything.

44. May the stars illuminate the path of your dreams, my love. Goodnight.

Stars and dreams are recurring elements when it comes to dedicating good night messages.

45. Tonight, like every night, I will tell my pillow how much I miss you.

A tender and melancholic phrase, to express how much we miss our beloved at night.

46. ​​If my dreams had wings, they would fly to where you are.

In the same way, this phrase is also ideal to dedicate to that loved person who is far away.

47. Another day that ends and I, as always, thank you for being in my life. Thank you, love.

It is important to let our partner know that we love and appreciate her, even before going to sleep.

48. Tonight I will continue to love you in my dreams. Good night my Love.

A romantic way of saying to the loved one that we carry it in our hearts even in dreams.

49. I don’t know any better way to sleep than thinking about you. Goodnight My Love.

However, there is no better way to sleep than with that person we dream of.

50. Every night I have the same dream, and that dream is you. Goodnight love.

We finish with this phrase of good night, to express to our partner that it is a dream come true.


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