Short Love Quotes Everyone Should Know

Beautiful  but realistic Short love quotes. Romantic but not pedantic. Appointments that fall in love but that do not embarrass. What the verb loving really implies is summarized in a few lines that are worth underlining. I also include some images to fall in love with.

” If I ask you about love, you will quote me a sonnet, but you have never looked at a woman and you have felt vulnerable, nor have you seen yourself reflected in her eyes.You have not thought that God has put an angel on earth for you, to rescue you from the pits of hell. ”

Although it is true that some of them can be somewhat pedantic and not so pretty, I hope they are exceptions.At least that was not my intention, and the intention is what counts, or so they say 🙂

Short love quotes

Pretty love phrases

Here you will find beautiful life sentences , quotes of tenderness and passion classified into different categories, according to what I was transmitted when reading them. They are not very long fragments, concise quotes that go to the grain. Here you will not find the typical prayers about the kingdom of Cupid, it is a selective collection that awards quality to quantity. Or at least it is what I wanted with this very real category!

” I do not want the normal, easy, and simple. I want painful, difficult, devastating, life-changing, extraordinary love. “
” You want what everyone wants, you want a love that consumes you, you want passion, adventure, and even a little danger. “

” What if love were stronger than gravity? ”

Phrases of eternal love

Prayers and images with phrases that conquer and seduce equally. They are beautiful phrases ideal for lovers or those in process. Some texts or thoughts also refer to a part of our past that we sometimes long for.Together forever, or at least is what you expect to read these quotes and words:

” You know hundreds of people and none leaves you a mark, and suddenly you meet a person and they change your life forever. “
“They say that the more you get involved, the more you get in return. But you have to be willing to take the risk. You must understand that you can lose everything. But if you take that opportunity, if you get involved with wisdom, the result may surprise you. “
“Who loves may be wrong subject but never verb.”
“I’ve always liked to say things by name, that’s why I’m saying love.”
Short love quotes
“We were a short story that I will read a thousand times.”
“Loving truly comes when someone who knows your scars stays to caress the picture.”
“We were what is never explained and that is never admitted, but also that which is never forgotten.”
“Anyone who has sanity would go crazy for you.”
“You’re still the first thing I think when they ask me to make a wish.”
“What I like most about you is precisely what the others lack.”
“You always remember those kisses where you forgot everything.”

Love phrases for my boyfriend

Nice quotes about that state of “madness” in which one feels deeply in love with the other person. Lose your head for someone and feel the need to be close to that beloved person. Emotions and feelings in pure state.Small romantic texts about falling in love and their side effects. These are the images and beautiful sentences that I was selecting to fall in love with 🙂

” There is a kind of love that leads you to believe that everything is possible. I want you to know that I can feel that. “
“You are the prettiest chance that has ever come to my life.”
“It’s not your smile that drives me crazy, it’s the fact that you’re smiling for me.”
“Once we all fell in love with whoever came without warning and left without saying goodbye.”
Short love quotes
“I’m sorry to contradict you but I did not look for you because I lacked something, on the contrary, I had so much that I wanted to share it with you.”
“Eternal love is the shortest.”
“Sometimes the love of your life comes after the error of your life.”
“I love you because I do not know what else to do with you. I’ve longed for you, I’ve looked for you, I’ve hated you and always, I always end up loving you. “


 Famous love quotes

Some short fragments for when you want somebody crazy and other fragments for when everything is over.The dark side of the verb to love is also present in some of the images and quotes, and it is possible that unfortunately you also feel identified with these sentences and words. The two versions of what sometimes is the verb amar summarized in the best beautiful love phrases :

” How does it happen? The great love? Nobody knows. But what I can tell you is that it happens in the blink of an eye. “
“It’s easier to be alone, because, what if you find out that you need to love someone, and then you do not? And if you like it and depend on it? What if you mold your life to him and then disappear? “
“We wanted to be so much that we forgot to be something.”
“Love is built between two whole beings, not between two halves that are needed to feel complete.”
“The question with wanting is that, when it’s good, it’s very good. And when it’s bad, it hurts a lot. And if you can not find a way to balance all those ups and downs, you’ll go crazy. “
“Love. Neuroscience tells us that it activates the same parts of the brain as drug addiction. It makes us feel like we can do anything, be anything, achieve anything. And once we try it we want more. “
“The real problem is that you fell in love with my flowers and not with my roots, and when autumn came you did not know what to do with me.”
“Love does not need to be perfect, it just needs to be true.”
“How difficult it is to say” hello “to someone you used to say” I love you “.”
“Finding someone who loves you is not difficult, the complicated thing is finding someone who does not stop doing it.”
“Stay with whoever kisses your soul, anyone can kiss your skin.”
Short love quotes


States of love for your social networks

This list will give you to think . These quotes, reflections and images are ideal states to share on your twitter or facebook profile.

It is something that is very fashionable nowadays, to share your sentimental situation through social networks or simply send some indirectly to that person who is on the other side of the mobile … Depending on your current sentimental situation, you have some states More positive than others to dedicate:


” Love is a risk for everyone. “
“Falling in love at first sight is easy to understand, the real miracle is that two people look at each other with passion for a lifetime.”
“If you think that with that smile you will convince me, I want to make it clear that I completely agree with you.”


“Nobody can belong to anyone. Wanting is a free contract that starts with a spark and can end in the same way. ”

“If I can not be the pencil that draws your happiness, I will be the glue that erases your sadness.”

“Who was not able to love you as you are, does not even deserve that you remember.”

“The saddest part of our story is that we both know we will not end up together.”

“What’s the use of someone who falls in love with my virtues? When someone goes crazy for my faults, that day we will talk about love. ”

“When heaven decides to save a man, he sends her love.”

“No relationship is a waste of time because if it did not give you what you were looking for, it taught you what you needed.”

“By the time the wound heals, one is no longer the same.”

“Smile, do not let the world know how you suffer.”

“It’s hard to follow when the heart wants to remember and forgets to beat.”

“Enough is enough! They’ve broken your heart, not your legs, so keep going. ”

“There is no worse nostalgia than longing for what never happened.”

True love phrases

Compilation with beautiful quotes and images about the most sincere, real and pure feeling. Very typical short texts to share on Facebook and you will fall in love given the frankness with which they are written and expressed. They are quotes and slogans that point directly to the heart and the best tribute to Cupid that can be done in 2018.


” It is the love that gives instead of receiving, the love that dwarfs instead of occupying all the space, the love that desires the good of the other before its own, the liberated love of the ego. “
“The saddest thing would be that when you could, I would not want to.”
Short love quotes
“Do not worry because I’m sure that at some point in the future someone will appear in your life that will turn on the lights that others turned off.”
“I do not want to be that memory that makes you cry, but the one that inspires you to fight for what you really want.”
“You have to hold her tight while she is there, not when she is about to leave.”
“I always take you with me. Not very close but very inside. “
“One of the hardest decisions in life, is to choose if you have to get away or it’s worth trying a little more.”
“Passion, love and attachment is what makes you smile when you can not do it anymore.”
“She was the kind of affection I would remember forever but not the kind of love that would last forever.”
“Love anyone who accepts your madness with a smile.”
“Does true love know how to forgive? No gentlemen, I think they are wrong, true love does not betray. “

Short love phrases

Here you will find more romantic and short quotes to conquer, to fall in love and tell the person you love.Romanticism is still very much alive and I hope that these beautiful appointments will help you and inspire you in your love life. Short texts and short excerpts that go straight to the point and are left of detours and cheap verbiage. These are the short quotes, quotes and images that I chose:


” Love as music, as painting, as books … is not sought, is found. “
“He has said true love. There could not be a nobler cause. “
” Love may not be the engine of the world, but it makes the trip worthwhile. “
“They ask me about reality and I only say your name.”
“There are eyes that look at me and make my legs tremble.”
“Do I tell you that I like you or I keep sending you indirect?”
“It’s not the smile, it’s not the kiss, it’s not the look. It is who smiles at you, who kisses you, who looks at you. The magic is always in that person. “
“And when it seems like everything is going badly, you find that person who makes you happy with any nonsense and makes you change your life completely.”
“I can not offer you a happiness that will last forever, but I propose that we complicate our life together.”
“Sorry to learn to love you in such a short time, but it is that you fit perfectly with what I never looked for, but I always needed.”
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