Love Quotes Describing Her Beauty

There is something beautiful the woman in all of this that has inspired me to write the most heartwarming love quotes describing her beauty.

Woman in Red Sleeveless Top - love quotes describing her beauty

Here are love quotes describing her beauty.

A beautiful woman is further embellished by a landscape that suits her well.
Quote from Jules Renard; The newspaper of October 3, 1906.

A beautiful woman is often more concerned with her beauty than with her home. 
Quote from Tahar Ben Jelloun; The Last Friend (2004)

A great beauty, a lot of wit and judgment, are seldom found together: most pretty women lose to let themselves be known what they gain from being seen. 
Quote from Jean Baptiste Blanchard; The maxims of the honest man (1772)

When the candles are out, all the women are pretty. 
Quote from Plutarch; Marriage precepts – 1st c. ap. AD

A woman who is beautiful always has a spirit; she has the spirit of being beautiful. 
Quote from Théophile Gautier ; Mademoiselle de Maupin (1835)

See, do you think that a man who wins himself a woman as beautiful as you can want to leave her to sail the seas? He will be far too busy watching the gallants around you like flies on a strawberry. 
Quote from Marcel Pagnol ; Marius, March 9, 1929.

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As soon as you tell a woman that she is pretty, she thinks she is witty. 
Quote from Jules Renard; The diary of February 9, 1899.

love quotes describing her beauty

One quality will suffice for us to fall in love with any woman. A single defect will serve as a pretext for chaining us off to a very pretty woman. 
Quote from Sacha Guitry, And Sacha is told to you / Lana Guitry (1960)

Beauty is fleeting, and I prefer a beautiful, whole woman. 
Quote from Maxalexis; Natural above all (1997)

Money and beautiful women, the only two desirable things in the world. 
Quote from Théophile Gautier; Mademoiselle de Maupin (1835)

The advantage of being single is that, when you find yourself in front of a very pretty woman, you don’t have to worry about having an ugly one at home. 
Quote from Paul Léautaud; About a day (1947)

It is in Paris that the most endearing figures of beauty are seen, women of forty, who have kept their fine noses, their young girl’s eyes, and who let themselves be looked at with pleasure. Colette
quote; Claudine in the household (1902)

Basically, women are prettier than horses: you can see them without their jockeys! 
Quote from Jean Giraudoux; Fight with the angel (1934)

Everyone liked him, especially the men, because his wife, who was beautiful, did not refuse until asked politely. 
Quote from Marcel Pagnol; Water from the Hills (1963)

Close-up Photo of Woman Leaning on Vehicle Posing

Make yourself beautiful, it’s a duty for women; it is so sweet to see you; women do not have the right to deprive us of the happiness of admiring them, they do not have the right not to be beautiful. 
Quote from Alphonse Karr; An hour too late (1833)

How many sweet-eyed beauties have we not seen before marriage, so graceful angels, suddenly changing into savage bourgeois, real demons bringing hell into their households? 
Quote from Nicolas Boileau; Satire X, Women (1693)

Any beautiful woman who has once tried the love game never unlearns it. 
Quote from Brantôme; The lives of the gallant ladies (1600)

It is a very pretty, and intelligent companion, but it must be a woman, with, all the same, that devil! a little of what is necessary to make love. 
Quote from Jules Renard; The newspaper of February 24, 1905.

Every beautiful woman doesn’t just want to love her. 
Quote from Georges Perros; Glued papers (1960)

You are as beautiful as another’s wife. 
Quote from Paul Morand; Tender stocks (1921)

The sparkling and true spirit, which constantly borders on cynicism, frightens pretty women. 
Quote from Jean Dutourd; The sensitive soul (1959)

When pretty women are missing, love is content with ugly and does not die from it. 
Quote from Anne Barratin; From you to me (1892)

Women are an ornament in life, and the law of any ornament is to appear thin, light, delicate, and flirtatious. 
Quote from Madame de Girardin; Parisian letters, February 8, 1837.

Beautiful woman bad head, good mule bad beast. 
Quote from Gabriel Maurier; The Treasury of Sentences (1568)

Leave pretty women to men without imagination. 
Quote from Marcel Proust; Missing Albertine, IV, 23 (1925)

love quotes describing her beauty

Ruined by a lot of madness, you who find a pretty woman, rich in virtues, gold, and jewelry, get married. 
Quote from Marc-Antoine Désaugiers; Advice to boys (1813)

A beautiful woman pleases the eyes, a good woman pleases the heart; one is a jewel, the other a treasure. 
Quote from Napoleon Bonaparte; The maxims and thoughts (1769-1821)

A wise woman is more than a beautiful woman. 
Quote from Voltaire; What Ladies Like (1764)

At night, all women are beautiful. 
Quote from Ovid; The art of loving – approx. 2 ap. AD

To be beautiful and love is only to be a woman; to be ugly and to be loved is to be a princess. 
Quote from Jules Barbey d’Aurevilly; The Fragments on Women (1889)


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