Love Quarrel Quotes for Her

I leave you a list of love quarrel quotes for her to reflect, to dedicate, or to help you decide whether to jump for that person you think about so much.

Platonic love and the fight for love has been a common theme in literature and in the thoughts of both anonymous people and illustrious writers, singers, and other artists.

love quarrel quotes for her

21 love quarrel quotes for her.

Small causes, big quarrels, such as the work of language. This is why the sage avoids any conflict with his loved ones. Andromache – Jean Racine

Job and his wife were then opposed to roughness and liveliness. But no disagreement led to the rupture. No quarrel broke their esteem or their love. The job woman – Andrée Chedid

Consider before entering a quarrel, but, once in contention, be considered. Comedies (continued) tragedies (1959 edition) – William Shakespeare

If we realize that the opponent is superior and that we are not going to win, we must make derogatory, hurtful, and rude comments. To be derogatory, it consists in leaving the object of the quarrel (since one lost the part) to pass to the adversary and to attack it in one way or another in what it is:  Arthur Schopenhauer

There are enlightened politicians in France and in Germany who have said that countries that have the same currency will never lock themselves in quarrels again.

January 13, 2007, in Excerpt from an interview in Le Monde, published January 13, 2007. – Angela Merkel

We would gain, by getting married, only the leisure of quarreling at our ease.

The legacy: a comedy in one act, in prose (1798 edition) – Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de Marivaux


I believe that, in marriage itself, we would avoid a lot of quarrels, if we rarely saw each other.

Richardson – Clarisse Harlowe – M Lovelace, to M Belford. – Samuel Richardson

Two Roosters lived in peace: a Hen appeared, And here is the war lit. Love, you lost Troy; and it was from you that this vexed quarrel came  –fable “The two roosters” – Jean de la Fontaine

Democracy does not require uniformity. Our founders quarreled and compromised and expected us to do the same. But they knew that democracy needed a sense of solidarity. – The farewell speech Tuesday, January 10, 2017 – Barack Obama

I do not like to quote it is usually a thorny task: we neglect what precedes and what follows the place we quote, and we expose ourselves to a thousand quarrels.  – Voltaire

Take care not to enter into a quarrel, but once inside, behave in such a way that the opponent will take care of you. –Hamlet – William Shakespeare

The disease is one of the screens that women most often put between them and the storm of a quarrel. Complete works of Mr. de Balzac (1848 edition) – Honoré de Balzac

We don’t have to take sides between the Hebrews and the Palestinians. We must not allow ourselves to be instrumentalized in an internal conflict between the peoples of the desert. The Bedouin quarrels don’t interest us. Pro-Arab romanticism, as well as American-Westernist support for Israel, are causes that divert us from properly European questions. –young resistance (isn 1279 – 4759), nº 22, spring 2001, p. 21 – Guillaume Faye

She understood that the laws were not designed to solve problems but to prolong quarrels indefinitely. Veronika decides to die – Paulo Coelho

In our time, the only valid quarrel is that of man. It is the man whom it is a question of saving, bringing to life and developing.

Haiti in the Third World: (1964 edition) – Charles de Gaulle

In the days following his disappearance, the morale of Constantinople was at its lowest. To rejoice is a sign of good health. But without good news, the people may force themselves, their mood darkened. The quarrels started. –The bearer of good news – Cathy Dutruch

Many opinions, yesterday still acceptable, even recommendable, are, from one generation to another, caught up in obsolescence. Most fashionable controversies already have the hints of a buffoon quarrel.

Nothing is sacred, everything can be said: reflections on freedom of expression – Raoul Vaneigem

Here, I came as a child, then a young man, here, may I live the evening of my life! … I decided to spend what I have left to live in your countryside, sheltered from wars and fatal quarrels. O Philippe, my venerable protector, may this land become that of my homeland.  – small payot library edition. pocket shores, 2009, p. 69 – Petrarch

It’s the details that serve as the pretext for complications and quarrels – those details that keep all these people from realizing that, whatever their religion, gender, race or geographic origin, they are all 98% identical.

To Like Today by David Levithan – David Levithan

It’s the details that serve as the pretext for complications and quarrels – those details that keep all these people from realizing that, whatever their religion, gender, race or geographic origin, they are all 98% identical. Yes, there is a biological difference between men and women, but this difference is minimal compared to all the commonalities. As for what is called race, it is above all something that is part of social construction. As for religion – well whether we believe in God or in Yahweh or in Allah or in something else, we find everywhere the same hope. I don’t know why everyone is focusing on this 2%, but they are the cause of most conflicts on this planet. As far as I’m concerned, so far

To Like Today by David Levithan – David Levithan


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