Life of a Girl After Marriage Quotes

life of a girl after marriage quotes

We bring you a selection of ‘life of a girl after marriage quotes’ so that you can express what you feel with beautiful words.  These are nice words for a couple who have known how to maintain their relationship despite time, years, and problems, they stay together and united and they love each other. Messages for the person with whom I marry and live happily.

Everything I have lived, everything I have been by your side, the good times and the bad times, if I were born again, I would gladly have it again.

In modern life there are fewer and fewer marriages, more and more informal unions without commitment. Those who marry, formalize their relationship before the law, and maintain it through the years, deserve everyone’s admiration. To them, we dedicate the phrases of this article, some from popular wisdom and others from wise people so that readers can share them with their partner or with a couple of friends, which has endured over time.

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life of a girl after marriage quotes

In marriage a happy fate is a rare advantage, its sweetest fires are long slavery.  -Voltaire

For the hymen to be happy, sweet friendship must be present at the wedding meal. 
-Pierre-Claude-Victor Boise

Nowadays, it is very dangerous for a husband to give any proof of the attention to his wife in public. People always think he beats her when they are alone. The world has become so distrustful of everything that looks like a happy marriage.  -Oscar Wilde

Perhaps to make a happy marriage only this friendship which, in view of its sweetness, yields to many human imperfections. –Honoré de Balzac

To marry is to resolve to make someone happy. – Henri-Frédéric Amiel

Household happiness is the sweetest thing.   -Eugène Scribe

Wanting to make someone happy is the sentimental principle of marriage. Give a woman the opportunity to exercise the virtues that she carries within her, to radiate the strengths and to develop the faculties of which she is the custodian, to open her the marital, maternal, social, human career for which she was born, towards which the instincts of her nature push her, the impulses of her heart, the sighs of her soul, it’s a beautiful task, it’s almost a duty. Henri-Frédéric Amiel

“A lasting marriage is one in which two beings who have not found each other are afraid of losing themselves.” -Robert Sabatier

The happiest marriage is one where one can say: one and one make one.– Jean-Napoléon Vernier

In a happy marriage, each must learn to respect the tastes of the other. It is absurd to imagine that two beings can have the same ideas, the same judgments, the same desires.
-André Maurois

For a marriage to be truly happy, love must mix with friendship.– André Maurois

A marriage cannot be happy where the inclination is not.-Citation of Molière

“Happy love is too fickle, from marriage fear knots.”   -Voltaire

“A happy marriage is a long conversation that always seems too brief”.   -André Maurois

“It is very curious that the bonds of marriage are considered a happy ending!” -Robert Sabatier

“Those who marry out of interest cannot be happy in marriage.” -William Penn

“Happy who knows how to be loved after seven years of marriage.”  -Alfred de Musset

“Only the happiest in the world are married people”.  -Horace

“A lasting marriage is one in which two beings who have not found each other are afraid of losing themselves”.  -Robert Sabatier

“Marriage – Be linked to each other as trees are linked to the earth; thus your love will bear the fruit of beautiful and many seasons”.  -Native American quote

“Often, for two spouses, the art of being happy is an indulgence”.  -Barthélemy Imbert

“Solid virtue makes happy marriages”.  -Citation of Destouches

“A happy marriage can bear any pressure, an unhappy marriage breaks”.  -Paul Auster; Leviathan (1993)

“The greatest misfortune for a man is a happy marriage: No hope of divorce”.  -Milan Kundera

“To be happy, marriage requires a continual exchange of sweating”.  -Napoleon Bonaparte

♡ You are like a special friend, a friend who knows how to listen, who hears, even when I don’t say anything.

♡ I only need to look at you to know that I wanted to be in your mouth. And all I have to do is prove you, to know that I didn’t want to leave your life … and I’m still in it.

♡ In my heart there is a special place for you, it is not because I decide, it is because you have earned it.

♡ Life is mine, but my heart is yours. The smile is mine, but the reason for it is always you.
♡ You came to me as good things always come, suddenly and if you wait. You came to me and I hope you never leave, never again.
♡ You are that special thing that gave meaning to a meaningless life, mine before I met you.
♡ After years by your side, I thank God that I put you on my path and stumbled upon you.
♡ At your side, I have had good and bad moments, happiness and misadventures and maybe that’s why I love you so much.

I will never stop loving you
When the sun freezes
When the moon turns into cheese
When it rains backward
When I can count the stars
When the sea dries
Or simply, when my heart stops beating …
I will stop loving you.

– A happy marriage is a long conversation between two, which always seems too short.

– There is no destined love, pure or easy, but human love, the one that is built daily, in which you have to sweat to get it off.

– No one marries someone perfect, so don’t expect perfection. The best thing you can do is value your partner and help him improve each day, give him your love, patience, and understanding, be loyal, faithful and listen to him and expect the same in return. This is what being married is about.

– With each treatment of love towards my wife, I show my daughter what to expect from her future husband and I suggest to my son how he should treat a woman.

– If your partner is a wonderful being who helps balance your world, although it is not perfect, try to be perfect for yourself. A being who works hard and who would do everything for you, who makes you laugh, who has cried with you, who is your best friend, and who you want to grow old with, thank God for having him by your side.

– Love is not about distances or societies, just two hearts wanting to be one.

– True love does not come from words, but from the purest of the heart.- No man is truly married, until he understands every word that his wife is NOT saying. Anonymous.

– The difficult thing about marriage is that we fall in love with the personality, but we must live with the character. P. De Vries.- Marriage is one of the most difficult trips in the world, so when choosing your partner, do not choose the most beautiful, the sweetest, or the most condescending, but the best travel companion.- The happiest couples do not have the same character, they have the best understanding of their differences …

– When a couple coincides mentally and emotionally, it is fortunate, amazing harmony, and almost always inexplicable.

– It is true that there are better people than your partner, but realize that there are also better than you and despite that, your partner chose you.

– If your partner gives you their Facebook or email password, you can enter and review everything you want every day, such as taking care of your interests, but what you will not be able to know or review is what is in their mind and heart. Confidence in a relationship is not achieved with pressure, but with love and consideration.

– Many people are alone because they believe that love has to be “perfect” and it never is. Love just has to be “real”.

– If you want to live happily with the person you love, live life as if it were your last day. Anonymous.

– An honest man will never find a friend better than his wife. Jean-Jacques Rousseau.


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