Just Because I Love You Quotes for Her

Express what you feel to your partner with these beautiful thoughts of love.

So that you can express what you feel with beautiful words of love, we bring you a selection of 50 short just because I love you quotes for her, ideal to dedicate to your partner.

We collect 50 short love thoughts, which you can dedicate to your partner to express your affection. Includes quotes and beautiful messages full of love and tenderness.
When we are in love, our thoughts are directed towards that special person, towards whom we only have words of love and affection.

50 short just because I love you quotes for her

In this list, you will find beautiful phrases and thoughts of love, which express affection towards the loved one.

1. You were, you are, and always will be my most beautiful chance.

We start with one of the most tender and romantic short love thoughts, ideal to dedicate to your partner or share on WhatsApp or Instagram states.

2. I think the places I have been and the photos I have taken during my life have been leading me to you.

A romantic phrase pronounced by the character of Clint Eastwood in The Bridges of Madison, a film also directed by him.

3. I don’t know where we are going, what I do know is that I want to go with you.

This short and beautiful phrase can be one of your short love thoughts for your partner.

4. You can be away from my eyes, but not from my thoughts.

This is another ideal love thought for when the two of you are separated by distance, but not by love.

5. Although I am not your first love, I am sure the best of your stories.

An original message to let your love know that you are unique and that your relationship is the best thing that has happened to you.

6. You are the light that guides me every day, that tells me where I have to go, and that helps me to keep going.

To dedicate to that person who has supported us and given us his love in difficult times.

7. Never forget that the first kiss is not given with the mouth, but with the eyes.

A look expresses a lot, even the desire to kiss. Dedicate this beautiful romantic phrase to your partner.

8. Love is not seen, felt, and even more when she is next to you.

Pablo Neruda has left us many phrases and thoughts of love to dedicate, like this one about love.

9. If life gave me lemons, I would exchange them for your kisses.

A short, fun, and original love phrase that plays on the popular saying.

10. If one day you need to feel that something does not change, remember that I will always love you.

This is one of the prettiest short love thoughts we can dedicate to that special someone.

11. There was someone who took my heart and broke it into a thousand pieces, but you came and rebuilt it with love. I have fallen in love again.

All a declaration of love from a wounded heart that has managed to heal it.

12. Without a doubt, now I can say with total conviction that dreams can come true if you want them with enough desire.

One of the romantic love thoughts to dedicate to the person of our dreams .

13. I love you more than my own skin.

Frida Kahlo also has many phrases and short love reflections like this one, in which she tried to express the love she felt towards her beloved Diego Rivera.

14. If at night I can no longer sleep, it is your kisses that I will never forget.

This beautiful romantic phrase is part of the lyrics of the song “Por mirarte” by Andrés Calamaro.

These messages are ideal for when distance separates you.
These messages are ideal for when distance separates you. Source: Pexels

15. I love you not for who you are but for who I am when I am with you.

An emblematic quote from Gabriel García Márquez that you can dedicate to your love.

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16. In these thoughts of love goes a piece of my heart. Each word is a kiss that travels through the distance.

This beautiful message of love is ideal to send to your partner if you have a relationship at a distance.

17. Last night I dreamed about you, and this morning I didn’t want to wake up.

This is a cute way of expressing that you want to spend time with that person, even in dreams.

18. You don’t know the emotional disorder caused by your smile.

One of the most beautiful short love thoughts to dedicate to your partner.

19. You are the most beautiful story that destiny wrote in my life.

They could not tell us some more beautiful words than these.

20. Without being what I was looking for, you ended up being everything I need.

This phrase is ideal for those unexpected loves, who have ended up meaning everything.

21. I like your perfume, you smell like the love of my life.

fun and original message of love, that we can send to that person for whom we sigh.

22. I love you: I tell you with my mouth when I kiss you, I tell you with my hands when I touch you and with my mind when I think about you.

When we love someone, each of our gestures expresses what we feel towards that person.

23. You are not Google, but you have everything I am looking for.

One of the funniest and most ingenious love phrases you can dedicate to your partner.

24. In a kiss, you will know everything that I have kept quiet.

This quote by Pablo Neruda may be another of your short love thoughts to dedicate to your partner.

25. If I had to write how much I love you, the sky would be little paper and the sea little ink.

This phrase is ideal if what we are looking for is a little rhyme in our message.

26. I love you to go crazy with laughter, drunk with nothing and walk leisurely through the streets, yes, holding hands, rather … from the heart.

Mario Benedetti is another of the authors who give us the most romantic thoughts of love, like this one so popular.

27. Thinking about my happiness, I remembered you.

A short but very tender romantic phrase, for those people who make us happy.

Love is a very strong feeling, but it can be expressed in a few words.
Love is a very strong feeling, but it can be expressed in a few words. Source: Unsplash

28. I would like our love to be like the sea, to see the beginning but never the end.

This beautiful message of love with rhyme is to express that we do not want that ours never ends.

29. Just the way you are, I love you.

This other thought of love is short and simple, but very natural and romantic. Perfect to express our partner at any time.

30. I admit it, right now I’m thinking of you.

This is for those people that we can not get out of our heads.

31. I wanted to dedicate messages of love to you, but on second thought, I want to dedicate my entire life to you.

An original way of expressing to the person you love that you want to spend the rest of your life with them.

32. You smile, I fall in love.

This is another of the short love thoughts, but at the same time they say a lot: that person makes us fall in love.

33. Of the 24 hours of the day, 16 I think of you and the other 8 I dream of you.

This phrase is perfect for couples who are starting when their thoughts are with the other person all day.

34. With you, I don’t want a happy ending, just a story that never ends.

This is one of the most beautiful romantic phrases that we can dedicate.

35. We were, we are, we will be together. To pieces, at times, to eyelids, to dreams.

Again a beautiful phrase by Mario Benedetti, which leaves us these beautiful words.

36. You will not know all that I am worth until I can be with you all that I am.

This other so romantic love thought belongs to Gregorio Marañón.

37. There are many ways to be happy, but the one I like the most is being with you.

A phrase is as successful as it is romantic. It is true that we can be happy on our own, but we can also prefer that it be together with that special person.

38. It is amazing how far you are and how close you feel.

A phrase by David Sant to dedicate to that person who is far away, but whose memory and affection remain close.

39. Tell me if you dream of something impossible, that I want to teach you that the impossible does not exist for either of us.

A phrase to express that together as a couple you can with anything you set your mind to.

40. If when I love I am happy, then you are my happiness.

different way of saying to the other person that you love them, with these beautiful words of love.

Beautiful messages of love to dedicate to your partner and express what you think.
Beautiful messages of love to dedicate to your partner and express what you think. Source: Unsplash

41. I always carry you with me, not very close, but very deep inside.

This is another of the short and romantic thoughts of love, for couples separated by distance.

42. What good insomnia if I wake up about your body.

This other loving thought is more sensual and daring. It belongs to the poet Mario Benedetti.

43. You are the perfect person at the wrong distance.

A very original way of expressing what we think of that person who is far away, but who is ideal for us.

44. Perhaps I am not the most perfect, but nobody will love you as I love you.

And you can prove it by dedicating some of these thoughts of love.

45. My happiness has a name, surname, and a smile that makes you fall in love.

subtle and tender way to express your love to that person who makes you so happy.

46. ​​Not even on a hot and bright day will the warmth of your arms and the brightness of your gaze be superfluous.

No matter how hot it is, we cannot give up a hug from the person we love.

47. I love you but it is not so much, it is forever.

This other love thought is short, fun, and artfully romantic.

48. Distance means nothing when you mean everything.

Message to express that it does not matter how much distance there is between you because love prevails.

49. To the world, you are one more person; but to me, you are the world

A phrase full of love and dedication, to express how important that person is to you.

50. And when I didn’t want to fall in love, you showed up.

And it is that sometimes the best loves appear when we least expect it.


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