Forever Alone Sad Quote

forever alone sad quote

In this article we want to share with you some forever alone sad quote so that they can accompany you when you feel apart and so that they can lift your spirits a little, will you join us?

Feeling alone is one of the worst feelings a person can experience. Although loneliness can be good at certain times, to escape and rest, to think and deepen ourselves, almost everyone prefers to be in good company.

Human beings are social animals, we have evolved to live in the company and share our experiences with others, which is why the sadness that accompanies loneliness is so understandable.

Forever alone sad quote.

Loneliness, that feeling that has inspired so many writers, poets, and artists. For many, loneliness has always gone hand in hand with sadness, while for others, loneliness has been the gap where they have learned to be better with themselves.

Whatever your opinion on loneliness, below we share with you some forever alone sad quote.

1. Love, how many paths to a kiss, what loneliness wandering to your company! Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda was one of the great poets of the last century since some of the deepest and most studied love poems were born from his pen.

For Neruda, loneliness was like a path, that space that he had to fill to reach his beloved.

2. Loneliness is very beautiful … when you have someone to tell it to. -Gustavo Adolfo Becquer

3. Pay attention: a lonely heart is not a heart. -Antonio Machado

4. Why, in general, is loneliness avoided? Because there are very few who find a company in themselves. -Carlo Dossi

5. Although loneliness is often sad for many, it can also be an opportunity to get to know ourselves better and to realize that we can complete ourselves.

In this case, Self -Love Phrases may help you. So you learn to value yourself!

6. Our great torment in life comes from the fact that we are alone and all our actions and efforts tend to flee from that loneliness. -Guy de Maupassant

7. I only go out to renovate the need to be alone. -Lord Byron

8. We live as we dream, alone. -Joseph Conrad

9 The lonely man is either a beast or a god. -Aristotle

10. Loneliness is the fate of all excellent spirits. -Alfred Schopenhauer

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forever alone sad quote

11. I am alone and there is nobody in the mirror. -Jorge Luis Borges

12. The strongest man in the world is the most lonely. -Henrik Ibsen

13. Hell is all in this word: loneliness. -Victor Hugo

14. Loneliness is the empire of conscience. -Gustavo Adolfo Becquer

15. Now I begin to meditate on what I have thought and to see the bottom and the soul, and for that reason now I love loneliness more, but still little. -Miguel de Unamuno

16.Better to be alone than in bad company. -Saying

Beautiful loneliness phrases

Loneliness has artistic overtones because despite being a sad feeling, writers and poets have spent years dedicating lines and verses to loneliness.

We show you some beautiful loneliness phrases because being alone also has a positive part …

17. Alone I’m someone, nobody on the street. -Gabriel Celaya

18. If you feel lonely when you are alone, you are in bad company. -Jean-Paul Sartre

19 The most beautiful things feel alone. =John Steinbeck

20. Being alone never felt good … I mean, sometimes it felt good, but it never felt good. -Charles Bukowski

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21. Loneliness is and always has been the central and inevitable experience of every man.- -Tom Wolfe

22. In solitude, one finds nothing but what one brings to solitude. -Juan Ramón Jiménez

23. An isolated man feels weak, and he is. -Concepción Arenal

24. The man who wants to contemplate face to face the glory of God on earth must contemplate this glory in solitude. -Edgar Allan Poe

25. Loneliness is a great force that preserves many dangers. -Henri Dominique Lacordaire

26. Loneliness is the best-wet nurse of wisdom. -Laurence Sterne

27. Loneliness; an instant of fulfillment. -Michel de Montaigne

28. Loneliness is the heritage of adulthood. -Mika Waltari

29. I felt the loneliness of death that comes at the end of each day of life that one has wasted. -Ernest Hemingway

30. People who live alone always have something on their mind that they would be willing to share. -Anton Chekhov

31. Loneliness is to the spirit what diet to the body. -Luc de Clapiers

32. Nothing can be done alone. -Pablo Picasso

33. Loneliness is the great shaper of the human spirit. -Federico García Lorca

34. Loneliness is the best company and a short retirement brings a sweet return. -John Milton

35. We are alone, we live alone and we die alone. Only through love and friendship can we give ourselves the illusion, for a moment, that we are not alone. -Orson Welles

36. Living alone is like being at a party where nobody listens to you. -Marilyn Monroe

This is one of our favorite loneliness phrases since Marilyn Monroe gives it a personal touch that makes a lot of sense when you consider the life she led.

Monroe was a great movie star; Equally loved, desired, and hated, the young artist knew perfectly well what it was like to be alone among a lot of people.

If you like cinema, surely you will know how to enjoy these famous movie phrases, how many are you able to guess?

37. There are only two possibilities: either we are alone in the world, or we are not. Both options terrify me. -Arthur C. Clarke

38. Remember: when you feel lonely the most is when you need to be alone the most. Life is a cruel irony. -Douglas Coupland

39. The value of a man is measured by the amount of loneliness that he is able to endure. -Friederich Nietzche

40. The loneliness of two is the company. -Ramón de Campoamor

41. Paddle on your own boat. -Euripides

Phrases of loneliness and strength

Loneliness is, on many occasions, the refuge of intellectuals. In solitude you think, reflect, and also rest, which is why, often, being alone is one of the best virtues that a person can have.

Below, we share some phrases of loneliness and strength that will help you feel better if you are alone but also to enjoy your loneliness when necessary.

42. Being independent is a thing of a small minority, it is the privilege of the strong. -Friederich Nietzsche

Friederich Nietzsche’s philosophy laid its foundations in man; the man had to develop his full potential and, to do so, he had to free himself from social norms and grow in solitude.

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43. Learn to love solitude, but always gladly accept interruptions. The love of solitude is characteristic of all successful lives. -Noel Clarasó

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44. The best of all lives is that of a woman in solitude. -Voltaire

45. Love your loneliness and bear the suffering it causes you. -Rainer Maria Rilke

46. Oh, loneliness! Joyful company of the sad. -Miguel de Cervantes

Miguel de Cervantes deals with the theme of loneliness in many of his works, especially in Don Quixote, where he shows us the life of a lonely gentleman. In this appointment, Cervantes paints solitude as a pleasant company for those who are afflicted, since many find their inspiration in it.

47. Only the man who is self-sufficient and knows how to live alone can be independent. -Noel Clarasó

48. There is much loneliness in the world that you can see it in slow motion in the movement of the hands of the clock. -Charles Bukowski

49. I want to be with those who know secret things … otherwise, I prefer to be alone. -Rainer Maria Rilke

50. The intelligent man seeks a quiet, modest life, defended from misfortunes; and if he is a superior spirit, he will choose solitude. -Arthur Schopenhauer

51. To enjoy intimately and to love you need solitude, but to be successful you need to live in the world. -Stendhal

52. When you are at night in your bedroom, even when you have the doors and windows closed and the light is off, do not say that you are alone; you are never alone. -Epictetus

53. I go to my solitudes, I come from my solitudes because to walk with me, my thoughts are enough. -Lope de Vega

54. I love loneliness, even when I’m alone. -Jules Renard

55. The most terrible poverty is loneliness … and not feeling loved. -Mother Teresa

Short phrases of loneliness and sadness

Loneliness can be tranquility, rest, peace, and space to reflect. However, loneliness can also be bitter and melancholic. Human beings have evolved to live in the company, we are gregarious beings and we need to feel that we are part of something bigger, be it a family, a group of friends, or a community.

These short sentences of loneliness and sadness show us the darkest side of this feeling …

56. Oh, the one who is alone! -Ecclesiastes

57. Where one had dreamed of company, two solitudes resurrect. -Eugene D’Ors

58. When I’m alone I feel bad. When I am accompanied, worse.

59. Be wary of the rancor of loners who turn their backs on the sea, on ambition, on society. Someday they will take revenge for giving up all that. -Émile M. Cioran

60. The selfish man hates loneliness. -Blaise Pascal

61. Pride is cured with loneliness.

62. Between two, life is possible. In solitude, one can only drag it. -Victor Hugo

63. You will be sad if you are alone. -Ovid

64. Loneliness is the supreme selfishness of pain. -Severo Catalina

65. Loneliness is the only one that comes when everyone is gone.

66. Loneliness is a bad counselor.

67. Loneliness is my best friend because although I try to run away, she is always with me.

68. Loneliness exasperates or dulls the heart and perverts or weakens abilities.

69. Music was my refuge; I could curl up in the space between the notes and turn my back on my loneliness. -Maya Angelou

70. The worst thing about hiding memories is not pain, it is loneliness. Memories must be shared. -Lois Lowry

71. Loneliness is not bad, but you need someone to tell you that loneliness is not bad. -Honoré de Balzac

72. Maybe we all scare each other in this damn world. -John Steinbeck

71. There is no worse habit than being alone.

72. Even when we feel like we want to disappear, we really just want someone to find us.

73. The best medicine for loneliness is a good dose of friends.

74. Loneliness does not consist of being alone, but in feeling that nobody cares about you.

75. Being completely alone carries a power that very few can bear.

76. We are born and die alone, so the road is the only thing worth it.

77. The loneliness I feel is because those around me don’t understand me.

78. Only in solitude can we get to know ourselves completely.

79. Loneliness gives your soul room to grow. -Janet Fitch

80. 0nly those who have felt alone value love properly.



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