Emotional Quotes on Girl Getting Married

With so many great quotes from even greater minds at our disposal, we bring you these emotional quotes on girl getting married to motivate you.

Wet girlfriend, lucky girlfriend. Who has never heard this saying at a wedding where the rain threatens to attend as a guest? And it is that although the years pass and the fashions change, there are things that always remain. From grandparents to grandchildren and from parents to children, the sayings are something historical that is established in everyone’s mind.

On this occasion, we want to approach, on the one hand, the Spanish proverb with a series of popular sayings and, on the other hand, a selection of famous quotes and phrases, either anonymous or famous people.

 emotional quotes on girl getting married

Emotional quotes on girl getting married

On Tuesday neither marry nor board.

You will marry and tame.

He who marries goes through everything.

To fight and marry, you have to get close.

When money comes through the door, love jumps out the window.

Love has no cure, but it is the only medicine for all ills.

The dance that mockery begins, ends in a wedding.

Wet girlfriend, lucky girlfriend.

A bad wedding is better than a good burial.

The married man wants a house.

Who dances well, goes from wedding to wedding.

Those who have their feet swept often marry a widow.

Marry Juan, the stones will turn into bread.

What a bad house, late widow.

Wedding, inequality, even in age.

He who gets angry at the wedding loses everything.

Marrying and resting, they have to think slowly.

 emotional quotes on girl getting married

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Famous phrases

“Happy day, do not repeat at least in 25 years”, anonymous.

Don’t you want to miss the latest news about your wedding?

“We will treat our spouse the same or better than when we were dating: surprises, illusions, details, dinners, flowers, especially when it is not touching”, anonymous.

“Marriage is a mistake that every man should make,” George Jessel.

“Marriage must constantly fight against a monster that devours everything: routine”, Honore de Balzac.

“You will never be happily married to someone until you divorce a part of yourself,”  Jerry McCant.

“Before you question your wife’s good judgment, see who she has married,” an Egyptian proverb.

“The secret for a relationship to work is that you have to go to marriage both to give and to receive,” anonymous.

“A relationship requires a lot of work and love: overcoming oneself, one’s own desires and, above all, curiosity and no cynicism”, Nastassja Kinski.

“When a man is crazy about a woman, she is the only one who can cure his madness”, anonymous.

“For a good marriage you have to fall in love many times, always with the same person”, Mignon McLaughlin.

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“Every wise man loves the wife he has chosen,” Homer.

“Marriage is a contract of affectivity that never guarantees its fulfillment since the affection is reviewed every morning”, Pilar Barrero.

“Marriage is a high sea for which no compass has yet been invented,” Heinrich Heine.

“Marriage is the logical consequence of great love”, Rocío Jurado.

“Marry an archaeologist. The older you get, the more charming it will find you ”, Ágatha Christie.

“Love is a long and sweet dream and marriage is the alarm clock”, anonymous.

“Some marriages end well, others last a lifetime,” Woody Allen.

“The first year is the most difficult, the rest is impossible”,  Isidoro Loi.

“The secret of a happy marriage remains secret”, Henry Youngman.

“Loving is not just wanting, it is, above all, understanding”, Françoise Sagan.

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There is nothing like laughing at yourself and if it is about a wedding or a couple’s relationship, the better. It is a trick that will make you have fun and will unite you more in the face of adversity. Having a good mood relaxes and solves small differences. From these sayings, phrases and sayings or important is to get their positive side, knowing that they carry a tip or moral in them.


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