Emotional Quotes for Break Up

emotional quotes for break up

In this article, we reveal the best emotional quotes for break up and for a love that could not have a story with a happy ending. There are many ways to break someone’s heart: being unfaithful, not corresponding, giving pumpkins, leaving him standing on the altar, not knowing how to value what they do for you, etc.

In the same way, there are a thousand ways to express this feeling: reflection phrases and messages to that person who has hurt you so much.

Surely you identify with many of these quotes and even your stomach is removed. However, in the end, we will leave you several tips that will help you overcome all the pain that someone has caused you: it is time to stop crying for those who are not worth it! Let’s start with these nice and short sentences.

Emotional Quotes for break up.

-It’s amazing how someone can break your heart, yet you still love him with every little bit.

-What if you put yourself in my place and see what I feel?

-I miss being a girl. Scraped knees were easier to heal than a broken heart …

-Maybe my only mistake was meeting you.

-Never fall in love with a broken heart … some pieces still belong to another and you can never have it completely.

-It’s amazing how someone can break your heart, yet you still love him with every little bit.

-There are many other impossible love phrases that can help you overcome this painful situation. It is recommended that you reflect on what has happened but do not stay anchored in the negative. Everything comes out in life, never forget it.

-A woman breaks a man’s heart and nothing happens; a man breaks a woman’s heart and everyone loses their minds.

-Whoever has been heartbroken will know what it is to transform tears into verses.

-I keep all your tears, my friend. I want to understand what is the difference between tears of pain and tears of joy.

-A broken heart is a heart that you have truly loved.

-The bad thing about some people with broken hearts is that they start to distribute the pieces.

-If you are excited, dream it. If you fall in love, live it. If they leave you, get over it.

-Suffering and having your heart broken does not mean that you are weak, it only means that you are a human being.

-Unrequited love is a type of love that always hurts. But we must not stay in the negative, we must learn from experience and draw the positive from it. Don’t just focus on the bad because negativity is not going to lead to anything good.

-For nothing separate us that nothing unites us.

-Don’t cry for someone who never wanted to be happy with you.

-I left, even though I didn’t want to and still loved you.

-Absences serve to value presences …

-I admire people who, heartbroken and troubled, can look up, smile, and say, “I’m fine.”

-The good thing about a broken heart is that it can only be truly broken once, the rest are just scratches.

-It no longer matters who hurt you and made you cry, what matters is who made you laugh again.

-Exactly. It is important to think of beautiful and beautiful love phrases that make us hope for something new. It is clear that in life you sometimes suffer but, also, that many other times we are happy, we laugh, we love, etc. Therefore, let us try to see the good side of things in order to live more fully.

-It’s amazing how someone can break your heart and yet you still love her with every little bit …

-A broken heart is like a broken mirror, it is better to leave it broken than to hurt yourself trying to repair it.

-Instead of crying for what you lost, smile for the things you learned.

-I will never regret meeting you, or I will say that you were the worst thing that could have happened to me since there was a time when you were just what I needed.

-It is difficult to hold back tears with a broken heart.

-Do you know what was the worst? That he didn’t fight for me, he just let me go like I was anyone, even though he said it was what he loved the most in his life.

-Sometimes the problem is that your heart doesn’t want to admit what your mind already knows.

-The passage of time will give you the reason why that love did not work.

-I could not assure you that I think of you every minute of my days, But I can assure you that you are the first thing that appears in my mind when I wake up, and the last thing that is drawn in my memories before sleeping …

-Sorry for not being as pretty as she …

-Don’t worry, I wouldn’t fall in love with me either. Who would notice sad eyes, a broken smile, and a broken heart?

-Sometimes falling asleep with a broken heart and tears in your eyes is the worst torture.

-I hope you are very happy … so that you never come back.

-I don’t hate you, I’m just disappointed that you were never what you once promised to be.

-There are pains that even modern medicine cannot cure … and you hurt me deep inside the soul.

-Sentimental situation: there are no butterflies in my stomach anymore.

-The best way to heal a broken heart is to give God all the pieces.

-I’m fine. It only hurts when I breathe …

-Broken heart wounds do not heal … until a true friend arrives and helps you rebuild.

-A broken heart is like having broken ribs; No one can see it, but it hurts every time you breathe.

-God often drives people out of your way for good reason. Think twice before going after them.

-It doesn’t matter how much medicine advances; we all hurt someone.

-3 things women hate: not knowing what to wear, being late in replying to messages, and -being lied to when they already know the truth.

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Some tips that will come in handy to rebuild broken love

Who hasn’t had a broken heart once in their life? When you find out that you are not reciprocated, they break up with you, or even if you find out about infidelity, sadness and emptiness appear after a hard hit of reality. They have completely shattered your expectations in love. There are even those who assure that they will never commit again.

But that cannot be so. Despite the lack of love, you must start a life with more enthusiasm than ever. Of course, you will have to do your part and try to get out of the rut. We don’t always walk on a path of roses!

Some reasons that lead you to close yourself to new relationships are the following:

  • To think that you will not find someone like him or her. It is a monumental mistake. Consider the billions of people in this world. Do you really think that only that person was your better half? Error.
  • I am not good enough. It is another of the symptoms of the “broken heart”, as Alejandro Sanz said in his famous song. You are worth more than you think, do not underestimate yourself because a relationship has not worked.

5 tips to overcome heartbreak

Now we share with you some tips to help you recover from your heartbreak more easily:

  1. Busy mind. Turn more than ever on your hobbies, go out with your friends, give it your all at work and enjoy what you like. Under no circumstances do you stay home without doing anything, as it is the first step towards depression.
  2. Remember with joy, forget about the sad. Life is too short to remember situations that sadden your mood. Keep the best moments and live in the present to have a better future.
  3. Exercise and eat well. To overcome emotional pain, there is nothing better than releasing stress by doing sports, resting the recommended hours, and eating a healthy diet.
  4. Open new horizons where you meet people who contribute memorable moments. New friends to enjoy, will help you to rebuild your heart and recover the illusion of love.
  5. Don’t keep your feelings. Share your emotions and frustrations with trusted people. They are a man to lean on when things go wrong.


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