birthday quotes for celebrity crush

birthday quotes for celebrity crush

So that you can express what you feel with beautiful words, we bring you a selection of birthday quotes for celebrity crush. Often the day of the birthday becomes the occasion to say those things that during the rest of the year are thought but not said.

Therefore, now is the time to use one of those phrases that express the full depth of the relationship that unites us with the honoree.

Birthday quotes for celebrity crush

1. Congratulations for each smile that makes you feel good, for each dream you want to achieve, for each hope that nestles in your heart … Happy birthday!

2. Birthdays are special days. We close one chapter of our life and open another. It does not matter the quantity of the completed years, but the quality with which we live them. Happy Birthday!

3. When I met you you were a sweet little doll, the years have passed and you have become a woman …Congratulations and may life always reserve beautiful things for you!

4. For your birthday I wish you everything and nothing … everything you want and nothing you might dislike! Happy Birthday!

5. Time passes but the days are not lost, on the contrary, they are collected like grains of sand that fall to the bottom of an hourglass …Happy birthday!

6. On this day dedicated entirely to you, I wish you to live infinite moments of happiness surrounded by the affection of your loved ones! Happy Birthday!
7. Look at you, you are also in the group of “-enta”, a magical age. The younger ones despair because they fear to reach them too quickly and the older ones long for them. We are the only ones who can truly enjoy this extraordinary period of life in all its fullness!
8. Although it may seem strange, it is true: We cannot find the words to express our wishes for you to spend a happy birthday, so we are going to leave you the choice of what you want most.
9. Leafing off your days like the petals of a flower you discover one by one its colors and in its mystery, you will find a way to overcome all the fatigue. For your next hundred wonderful years … congratulations!
10. The years that pass are like bricks that serve to build wisdom and peace of mind.
11. The heart that loves is always young.
12. I wish that the moments you are living today become sweet memories tomorrow.
13. Each year is like a book with 365 empty pages. Make each day a work of art, use the pens of all the colors that life offers and smile while you write it. Happy Birthday!
14. For a woman like you, one more year serves only to make herself more beautiful and charming. Enjoy hundreds of days like this!
15. Congratulations on this important day, a day that joyfully marks the passing of your life.
16. A few extra candles on the cake can do nothing but light your way better. Congratulations!
17. Lives! Don’t wait for tomorrow! Collect the roses of life today … Happy Birthday!
18. Congratulations on your birthday and walk serenely through life without rancor and remembering only the best moments of it.
19. Imagine and you will improve, dream and you will realize yourself, have confidence in yourself because you are worth much more than you think, congratulations!

20. I wish that the sun that illuminates the vastness of the universe can shine on you throughout life.



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