Best Quotation About Love and Life

 best quotation about love and life

We have compiled for you the best quotation about love and life so that you can express what you feel with beautiful words. We select the most famous quotes and phrases from Mario Benedetti, this great Uruguayan poet, and writer who has captivated us with his words.

The 62 best quotation about love and life

1. If the heart is bored of wanting what is it for.

With this phrase, Mario Benedetti teaches us that despite love disappointments, you have to keep giving your heart, because it is made to love.

2. Life is a parenthesis between two swimming. I am not a believer, but I believe in an inner god called conscience to whom we have to be accountable every day of our lives.

And it is true, consciousness is what gives us inner peace and light or guilt and fear, depending on our actions.

3. We should never promise anything, as they are terrifying bonds. When someone does not feel tied up, they are freer and feel better.

As the promises have to be kept, Mario Benedetti sees them as ties, especially in relation to love.

4. I like people capable of understanding that the greatest mistake of the human being is to try to get out of the head what comes from the heart.

Beautiful phrase by Mario Benedetti about those moments when we want to stop thinking about someone when what we really want is to get him out of our hearts, but sometimes we don’t realize it.

5. Five minutes is enough to dream a lifetime, that’s how relative time is.

A phrase about the relativity of time and how we feel it different according to moments and emotions.

6. I hear the footsteps of someone who will never come.

Mario Benedetti was a quintessential romantic and you can see it especially in his poems where phrases like this are read.

7. I could never imagine that, within happiness, there could be sadness.

Something that we all find difficult to accept.

8. What I like most about you is something that there will be no time to take from you.

How beautiful it would be if someone told you this phrase by Mario Benedetti; to fall in love with your interior and not with your external beauty.

9. My style of love is that a little reluctant, reserving the maximum only for big occasions.

How is your love style?

10. Love is not repetition. Each act of love is a cycle in itself, a closed orbit in its own ritual.

Beautiful phrase by Mario Benedetti that explains how love always lives different, never one equal to another.

11. I am always short-tempered as if something inside me feels uncomfortable with me.

It is true that anger and bad humor have to do with things that happen inside us and that we have to express in some way.

12. We have less time than places, but there are places that do not last just a minute, and for a certain time, there will be no place.

So are the relativities that we live in.

13. More than kissing her, more than sleeping together; more than anything else, she shook my hand, and that was love.

Love does not always go through the physical plane, sometimes other types of caresses and acts make us feel much more loved than a kiss.

14. Death is a boring experience; for others, especially for others.

The truth is that we do not live our own death, it is others who have to feel it.

15. I know that I will love you without questions, I know that you will love me without answers.

This is how he loves pure and unconditional love, according to the Uruguayan poet.

16. Every new man must beware of the right hand and the left.

One of the phrases of Mario Benedetti that show his political positions.

17. We all have an accomplice, someone who guides us in the use of the heart.

Who is your accomplice?

18. We were, we are, we will be together. To pieces, at times, to eyelids, to dreams.

Another of Mario Benedetti’s beautiful love phrases.

19. And although I have not always understood my faults and my failures, instead I know that in your arms the world makes sense.

When we find the right person nothing else matters, everything makes sense out of love for this person.

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20. Every time you fall in love do not explain anything to anyone, let love invade you without going into details.

Love is a feeling that has to be lived without giving importance to the social details that sometimes make us doubt.

21. We start life sad and end it sad, but in between, we love bodies that have a sad and miraculous beauty.

We are not sure that we will all agree that we begin and end life sadly, even if there are tears at birth, but it is true that love for others fills everything with beauty.

22. I love the wind, especially when I walk against it, as it is as if it erased things, and I want to erase a lot of myself.

An interesting way to feel the wind and let go of what we no longer want in our lives.

23. When hatreds are loose, one loves in self-defense.

Mario Benedetti always with his sharpness of mind and ability with words. The answer to hate is always love.

24. How good that you have the courage to be different and not succumb to unanimous power.

We all find it difficult to be different and we prefer to be similar to each other; but when you dare to be different, your light shines.

25. Nobody warned us that missing is the cost of good times.

This phrase by Mario Benedetti is very correct, we meet people, we move away, we share and in the end, we miss.

26. We only need five minutes to live a whole life, that’s how relative time is.

A phrase by Mario Benedetti dedicated to all those inveterate dreamers who create different lives in seconds.

27. A piece of utopia is love.

Because love creates perfect settings, perfect fantasies, a perfect world around us.

28. And to be totally, completely, absolutely in love, one must be fully aware that one is also loved, that one also inspires love.

Indeed one of the best quotation about love and life by Mario Benedetti because it teaches us that in order to love and be loved, we have to start with ourselves.

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29. Hatreds vivify and stimulate only if it is one who governs them; they destroy and misadjust when they are the ones who dominate.

We must learn to get the best out of and grow from negative things, but never allow bad feelings to be the engine of our lives.

30. You don’t know how I value the courage you have to love me.

Loving is one of the greatest and most beautiful acts of courage we can do. And how good it feels to be loved.

31. Uncertainty is like a daisy that we will never finish plucking.

You will agree that nothing is more difficult than going through a moment of endless uncertainty.

32. I have a horrible feeling, I think that time passes and I don’t get anything, and that makes me shudder to the roots.

It has happened to all of us that we see how time gets out of hand and we do not know what we are doing with it.

33. Although we forget to forget, surely memory remembers us.

Another ingenious phrase by Mario Benedetti about forgetting and memories.

34. That goal Maradona scored against the English with the help of the divine hand, is, for now, the only reliable proof of the existence of God.

A little humor on the part of Mario Benedetti about the existence of God and one of the idols of Argentine soccer.

35. In some oases, the desert is a mirage.

This phrase full of irony by Mario Benedetti, some consider having political overtones.

36. The security of knowing that I was capable of something better put the delay in my hands, which in the end is a terrible and suicidal weapon.

Procrastination annihilates dreams in its wake, and if we add it to a bit of arrogance, it can have fatal results.

37. That’s what it’s about, coinciding with people who make you see things that you don’t see. Let them teach you to look with different eyes.

Each person is a world and nothing more beautiful than showing you the world through their eyes.

38. There are ten centimeters of silence between your hands and my hands, a border of unspoken words between your lips and my lips. And something that shines this sad between your eyes and my eyes.

A phrase by Mario Benedetti that expresses very well what sometimes does not happen in love, with couples who are but will not be.

39. The one who cheats is because he doesn’t have the courage to be honest.

Mario Benedetti considers that lack of courage is what makes us dishonest people who cheat to achieve their goals.

40. All eternal loves, end up being the shortest.

Because eternal loves are those that never end, but which are generally temporary because circumstances separate them, but not lack understanding or love.

41. If I committed suicide, I would do it on Sunday. It is the blandest and discouraging day.

The last day of the week is sometimes depressing for everyone.

42. That someone makes you feel things without putting a finger on you, that is admirable.

Has it happened to you that only the presence of the other person wakes you up absolutely everything?

43. Peace is accepting the difference of the other. If so, Jews and Palestinians would be accepted, and there would be no war.

Another of the phrases of Mario Benedetti that show us his political positions and what has us against each other: the lack of acceptance that we are different.

44. The reality is a bunch of problems on which nobody claims copyright.

This ingenious phrase by Mario Benedetti is totally correct.

45. The butterfly will always remember that it was a worm.

Never forget your roots, who you were, because thanks to those roots you are who you are now.

46. ​​The world and I love you, but you know that I will always do much better.

This is a phrase by Mario Benedetti to criticize your partner or someone very special.

47. What I am going to tell you may seem crazy to you. If so, tell me no more. But I don’t want to beat around the bush; I think I am in love with you.

An excellent way to declare your love to someone is this one that Mario Benedetti proposes to us.

48. When we thought we had all the answers, suddenly all the questions changed.

A phrase by Mario Benedetti about politics, but to which we could actually relate many aspects of our life,

49. I don’t know why, but today I have missed you, missed your presence. Someone told me that forgetting is full of memory.

It is true that when you least expect it and for the least apparent reasons, memories of people, and moments that we thought came back out of nowhere, we had completely forgotten.

50. It is about time I started dedicating my insomnia to you.

Who is the cause of your insomnia?

51. When fear, worry, or love comes into my life, I am always able to transform it into a poem.

We will not all be writers like Benedetti, but the truth is that we have the power to transform everything that happens to us.

52. How to combine the annihilating idea of ​​death with this irrepressible desire for life?

Something that will always cost us an almost impossible job, especially in old age.

53. A river of sadness flows through my veins, but I have forgotten to cry.

Beautiful phrase of Mario Benedetti full of feelings.

54. I like people who vibrate, that they should not be pushed, that they should not be told to do things, but rather that they know what to do and that they do it. People who cultivate their dreams until those dreams take over their own reality.

If you are not yet one of these people, you are always in time to change and transform your reality.

55. There are very few things that make as much noise as silence.

We could complete this sentence saying that, especially when your head is full of thoughts that you want to avoid.

56. Certain things that happened to us in the past have disappeared, but others sneak into the future and it is these that I seek to rescue.

There are things that we manage to leave behind and others that we don’t, but that become future opportunities.

57. Defend joy as a trench, defend it from scandal and routine, from misery and miserable, from temporary and permanent absences.

Nothing more accurate than this phrase by Mario Benedetti. Although the circumstances become difficult, we must defend our joy above all.

58. Melancholy: a romantic way of being sad.

This is how Mario Benedetti defines melancholy.

59. A necessary caress was her lips, I don’t know how I could have lived so long without them.

Another romantic phrase by Mario Benedetti about the person we still can’t forget.

60. I just wish that this wait doesn’t waste my dreams.

Patience is one of the virtues that we find most difficult to exercise. The task of waiting without spending our dreams on it.

61. In reality, there is only the direction we take, which may have is being no longer worth it.

A phrase by Mario Benedetti for the moments when we have regrets, we question our decisions and the path we take. When you are like this, remember what Mario Benedetti says, when we have made a decision, the other is no longer valid, it does not exist.

62. I love, you love, he loves, we love, you love, they love. I wish it wasn’t conjugation but reality.



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