Beautiful Thoughts for Friends

 beautiful thoughts for friends

Surely you have come this far because you want to give the most beautiful thoughts for friends, and also, surely you want to make her happy by letting her know how much you love and appreciate her, and for this, today we give you this list of the best, the shortest and more beautiful words, messages, and phrases for friends and special friends.

Phrases For My Best Friend 1. I am very happy to have you in my life as a great friend because you give me the confidence to talk to you about any subject because I know that I will always have your advice and help. You’re like a sister to me.

2. Happiness came into my life the day I met you. I am lucky to have you because finding friends as loyal as you is almost impossible. Sharing with you fills me with joy. Thanks for always being with me.

3. I will never tire of thanking life for putting you on my path. You have dried my tears, you have lent me your shoulder to cry and support me, and even, you sacrificed yourself many times to help me. The years that I have left of life are not enough to thank you my friend.

4. It is beautiful to know that I have a great person like you by my side because having your friendship is like having a great lifeguard in the enormous ocean that we call life. Thank you for your love and for being my best friend.

5. Sometimes I wish I could explain in phrases to my best friend everything that you mean to me, but it is impossible. Today I realized why, is that I no longer see you as a friend, but as a precious sister who deserves all the love I can offer her.

6. All the years we have shared together have shown me that you are one of the most special people in my life, someone who loves me unconditionally. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to stay in your life.

7. In these lines of a phrase for my best friend I want to thank you for your friendship and promise that no matter what happens you will always find my hand outstretched to help you, no matter what you need.

8. A true friend like you is capable of accepting me with all my strengths and weaknesses, she is the one who stays by my side to the point of becoming one more sister. Many say that whoever has a great friend has a treasure, that’s why I think I have found the greatest of all.

9. A friend will always speak to you, the truth, even when she knows that the answer she can offer you won’t like it. True friendship helps to overcome obstacles in life and you, need my friend to fully comply with these precepts.

10. A great friend is one with whom it is not necessary to exchange words or texts, just by looking at you she knows what is going through your mind and what torments you because true friendship consists of taking care of each other throughout life. Remember my friend that I will always protect you.

11. Friends are the sisters you choose and I am very lucky because the sisters I have now chosen me. If I had had to choose, I think I would not have done so well.

12. We cannot choose the family in which we are born, but we can choose our friends and in my search I found my soul mate, a true friendship, and the purest affection that I could ever dream of having.

13. My friend, I love you so much that I want to share this beautiful phrase for friends: True friends share with us our joys and come to our site in misfortunes even when we do not call them.

14. Friendship and love are feelings impossible to measure, but there is nothing in our life that can be worth more than them. I love you my friend.

15. Life is hard and very cruel, but it also offers us the greatest comfort and that is the soft pleasure of friendship, having someone to trust good and bad and with whom to celebrate our victories and cry our defeats. It is having a friend like you to dedicate beautiful phrases for friends.

16. Friendship is based on accepting a person as a brother, with his failures, his weaknesses, and strengths. Friendship is mutual aid and unconditional love.

17. Neither the distance nor the time we spend apart can diminish the friendship that exists between us because we are true friends.

18. A true friend can take your hand and tell your problems to your face, even when she knows that you will bother her for telling you the truth. Those are the friends that are worth it.

19. Best friends comfort us, encourage us, support us, and offer us a safe haven in which to hide from life when it becomes too dark.

20. Only a person with a big heart like you can be a true friend. Cowardly and selfish people only come to suffer the world, because they will never know what true friendship is.

21. Friendship is what you can place your entire trust in because if it is true, it has no interest in between. You are a great friend to me and I want you to know that you can always count on me.

22. You only understand madness if you have friends who lived those unforgettable moments with you and who are able to communicate just by giving yourself a look. The power of the eyes is such that we can even dedicate short sentences to close friends.

23. I love you very much, my friend and I hope and wish that you are always by my side, so that we can share the special moments that life has to offer us.

24. I hope that this short phrase for a friend reminds you that although the distance separates us, our bond of friendship remains and that we will always be in contact to keep alive the memories of the many moments we spent together.

25. Friend, it doesn’t matter that you left, because a part of me went with you and a part of you stayed in my heart.

26. We should not tell all our experiences to a true friend, a great friend is one who lived, enjoyed or cried with you.

27. Real friends will never tell you what your ears want to hear, they will always tell you the truth and will protect you because whoever does the best for you.

28. Real friends are those who, even knowing the madness that invades your mind and your weaknesses, are still your friends.

29. True friendship is much more difficult than finding the love of your life, that is why we must maintain and nurture it always.

30. A friend is one with whom we discover the world and experience it, it is with whom we share a part of the path of our lives.

31. You will always be my best friend, we have been from our earliest childhood and we will be until the paths of our life end. Our friendship has passed difficult tests and has proved resistant to everything.

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32. If I were given the opportunity to choose anyone in the world to be my new best friend, I would not hesitate to choose you again. You are the light that illuminates my life when everything turns dark, my support in difficulties, and my partner in celebrations. Thanks for being my friend.

33. I don’t know what I did in a past life to have the great happiness of knowing you, of enjoying your friendship and your company in the most difficult moments and in the happiest ones too. Thanks for being in my life.

34. The world, despite its faults and its darkness, is a better place because you are in it. You are a magnificent person who always has a hand to give. I am very proud to call you my friend.

35. Every day I thank God for putting one of his angels on my path so that he would become my best friend and my brother.

36. My friend, let me always be the person you turn to when everything turns gray, let me encourage you with messages for best friends and reserve a place for you in my heart. Thank you for giving me your sincere and disinterested friendship.

37. Dear friend, I want to tell you that I love you with all my heart. You are my best friend and the brother I never had, but I never needed it because I always had you by my side to protect me, advise me and accompany me on my adventures.

38. In today’s world it is increasingly difficult to find a real friend and that is why I want to tell you that I consider myself very lucky to have you in my life. Thank you for being the wonderful person you are and for staying by my side despite my mistakes and my weaknesses.

39. I want to dedicate a new message to you for a best friend, I want to tell you that you can always count on me, even when you are far away. I will always be eternally grateful because you gave me your most sincere friendship.

40. I want you to know, friend, that if at any time you go through great difficulties, you can always count on me, do not wait until the last moment to ask me for help, because you have also given me a helping hand in the most difficult moments of my life.

41. Have a good day, friend of my heart. A person is as wonderful as you deserve a magnificent day full of happiness and achievements. I love you.

42. The best friends are not those who are by your side all the time, they are those who can remind you of your affection with phrases for a special friend, they are those who return to your side when you know you need it and they will be with you without needing to be called.

43. People should love you for what you are and never for what you appear to be. In this way, those who become your friends will know how to value your virtues and will love you despite your shortcomings. Only those people can call true friends.

44. Friend, I thank God for crossing our paths. You are my best friend and you will always be when I need you. Thank you for everything you contribute to my life, for helping me and being by my side when I need you most.

45. It is very difficult in this world to find a person of integrity, sincere, fighter and full of virtues. But I was lucky to find you, friend. Only you with your kindness teach me to be the best version of myself that I can achieve. Just look at me, now I dedicate phrases to special friends almost daily, because that is for me, a very special friend.

46. ​​I am sure that our friendship can last forever, because the love I feel towards you is almost infinite and I am sure that yours towards me is also infinite. You are extremely special to my dear friend.

47. Since I met you the first time I discovered that you were a different person from others and that we would be best friends. Now, years later, we continue to support each other. Thanks for be my best friend.

48. When thinking about friendship, I can’t help imagining you, because you made me believe in that word again and in the sincere love of a friend. You made life have a new meaning for me.

49. I want to dedicate the most beautiful of all the special phrases to a friend, but I can’t think of anything. I can only wish you a nice day and the greatest successes just for you.

50. God took it upon himself to create a great sister for me. We do not share blood, but at your side I have lived incredible moments and we have overcome many difficulties. I want you to know that to me you are everything in this world.

51. I feel like I have the best friends in the world, and you are the greatest treasures known.

52. You make each of the moments of my life become special. Thanks for your existing friend!

53. What I like most about having friends like you is that I can be happy being the way I want to be.

54. We contribute so much to each other that I am the happiest person in the world knowing that I have a friend as special as you.

55. I know that it is very difficult to find another friend like you, that’s why I know that I can never lose your friendship.

56. I have no words to express how I feel about my friends. You are the best and the most special in the world!

57. I would like to stop time and be able to live this moment in which I am at your side forever. You make me very happy

58. Everything in life has a measure except what I appreciate because measuring that feeling would be impossible.

59. I dream of having you always by my side, look to the future, and always see ourselves united, crazy, and happy.

60. I can only be grateful all my life for always being there, for enduring my defects and enjoying my virtues.

61. Friends: It is a word that has six letters, but millions of memories and feelings. Madness also has six letters, but it defines how I love you and what we are when we meet.

62. Despite my wayward mind and a little removed from reality, you never judged me, you listened to me patiently and you were always there when I needed you. Thanks for being my friend.

63. They say that there can be no friendship when there is no freedom, that’s why I have taken the liberty of writing this phrase for a crazy friend because you fill my life with madness and spontaneity with your occurrences. I love you, friend.

64. Many say that the best friends are crazy, but how to control that senseless laugh that comes suddenly when you are with your best friend? Life was made to be enjoyed and with a friend like you, we must celebrate the joy of sharing a precious friendship.

65. When I see you I can’t help thinking about what I would do without your madness. Only you fill my life with happiness and emotion.

66. In my best moments you have been by my side celebrating, when I have fallen you have helped me up and when I don’t want to get up, you have slept with me and listened to my sorrows without judging. Thanks friend for always being there for me.

67. Your madness has inspired me to dedicate this phrase to you as crazy friends: A true friend is one who stays by your side despite your madness because she doesn’t care that they see her in public with you. Thank you for accepting me as I am.

68. Before your spontaneity brought me green hair, now, I can’t live without your unpredictable decisions. I know that if it occurs to you to jump off the top of a cliff, I’ll be downstairs waiting for you to catch you.

69. Finding friends like us is almost impossible and even when we get together, we can argue and it is difficult to understand each other. But a friendship like ours is impossible to forget.

70. Sometimes I think that God separated us at birth and made us best friends, He in his benevolence took pity on the woman who could have us as sisters and that is that together we are a whirlwind of madness that has no comparison. I love you my friend.

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