Beautiful Thoughts During Pregnancy

 beautiful thoughts during pregnancy

In order for you to express what you feel with beautiful words, we bring you a selection of beautiful thoughts during pregnancy. Every morning when you wake up, caress your belly, the one that is now the place where your baby stays and tell him that you love him. 

Tell him that you are sure that he is healthy, that he is well, and that you are preparing everything to receive him in a beautiful and loving place.

Many times mothers harbor many fears. Some of them, as the pediatrician with extensive experience, says José Luis Serrano, are found only on a small percentage of pregnancies, which are what are called high-risk pregnancies, even when they often amount to nothing.

This specialist, who recently published together with the corrector and coordinator of editorial projects Pere Trilla, a book titled 100 essential words for your pregnancy invites all women who are in a state to trust their ability to be a mother and that the baby also It has instincts, which, he reflects, is something we sometimes forget.

Is there something more natural than life and its beginning? Being born, when you are a baby or giving birth when you are a mother, is a natural process that, as we all know, has always existed inherently to the human species (and to which it is not).

However, fear, ignorance, and some unfounded myths mean that sometimes it is not enjoyed with complete tranquility and knowledge.

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You and your baby are connected

beautiful thoughts during pregnancy

You can say the phrases you want to your baby. Have the conviction that he is listening to you, and in fact science has already shown that a baby can hear and feel everything you say and feel.

They are connected in a very special way! Then use that connection to convey all the love and serenity you can. And you can also use the power of your words to calm yourself if you need to.

And although there are no rigid guidelines or structures regarding this exercise of telling yourself and telling your baby how much you love him, there are those who advise taking a notebook and writing 10 positive affirmations at least once a day and as and at most three times a day.

Those three times a day can be: in the morning, after waking up, at noon or mid-afternoon, and at night before going to sleep. It is also good to say these phrases out loud, but beyond rituals, the most important thing is to say them with faith, convinced that what you say is real. Affirm your well-being and that of your baby and you will see that what you say will materialize!

Beautiful thoughts during pregnancy

Here are some phrases that can guide you to start practicing. Surely over time you can incorporate the ones you want and they come out naturally:

  • My pregnancy is a high-security pregnancy

  • My pregnancy is a blessing

  • Our baby is perfectly healthy

  • I prepare myself with joy to receive my baby in perfect harmony

  • I put in the hands of the universe the entire process of pregnancy and childbirth

  • My body adapts easily to changes in pregnancy

  • My skin stretches fully elastic during pregnancy, thus preserving all its beauty

  • All my nights are placid and harmonious

  • My body recovers easily after delivery

  • Our baby is a blessing

  • My delivery is a blessing

  • My uterus is a safe place

  • I open myself to receive all the love that flows to me for my motherhood

  • I am happy to nurture and protect my baby

  • My baby loves me unconditionally

  • I unconditionally love my baby

  • I am a wonderful mother to my baby

  • I am blessed to bring a new life to this world

I hope you enjoyed reading these beautiful thoughts during pregnancy.


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