Ancient Greek Quotes on War

These are ancient greek quotes on war that have crossed the barriers of time.

ancient greek quotes on war

Wars will continue as long as skin color remains more important than eye color. -Bob Marley

For most men, war is the end of loneliness. For me, it is the infinite loneliness. -Albert Camus  

All wars are holy, I challenge you to find a belligerent who does not believe he has heaven on his side. -Jean Anouilh  

There is no inevitable war. If it arrives, it is by the fault of man. -Andrew Bonar Law

I don’t know what weapons they will fight in World War III, but I do know which they will fight in World War IV: Sticks and maces. -Albert Einstein  

The instant of the closing of an eye is enough to make a peaceful man a warrior. -Samuel Butler

A nation that spends more money on military weapons than on social programs is close to spiritual death. -Martin Luther King  

War is nothing but mass murder, and murder is not progress. -Alphonse de Lamartine  

War is the art of destroying men, politics is the art of deceiving them. -Jean Le Rond D ‘Alembert  

I can’t believe I’m awarded. I believed that it was necessary to drive tanks and win wars. -John Lennon  

War is a massacre between people who do not know each other, for the benefit of people who do know each other but who do not massacre. -Paul Valéry  

No man is so foolish as to desire war and not peace; for in peace children take their parents to the grave, in war it is the parents who take the children to the grave. Halicarnassus Herodotus  

Military intelligence is two contradictory terms. -Groucho Marx  

Two are needed to make peace; but to make war only one is enough. -Arthur Neville Chamberlain  

Fighting yourself is the most difficult war; Overcoming yourself is the most beautiful victory. -Friedrich von Logan  

In war as in love, to finish you need to see yourself up close. -Napoleon I  

War makes the victor stupid and the vanquished spiteful. -Friedrich Nietzsche  

It takes twenty or more years of peace to make a man, and twenty seconds of war are enough to destroy him. -Baudouin I  

The wonderful thing about war is that each assassin chief has his flags blessed and solemnly invokes God before he sets out to exterminate his neighbor. -Voltaire  

The laws are silent when weapons speak. -Cicero  

War is an invention of the human mind; and the human mind can also invent peace. -Winston Churchill  

War is a serious game in which you compromise your reputation, your troops, and your homeland. -Napoleon I  

The great Carthage led three wars: after the first he continued to have power; after the second it was still habitable; after the third it is no longer on the map. -Albert Camus  

In the world’s most illustrious and glorious captains and emperors, study and war have preserved the neighborhood, and military art has confederated with lessons. He has not neglected in such spirits the sword to the pen. The learned symbol of this truth is the arrow: with the pen the iron that has to hurt flies. -Francisco de Quevedo  

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